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Buckshot & 9th Wonder Chemistry 04|26|2005

Dropping May 24th! Buckshot teams up with 9th Wonder (of Lil' Brother fame) to launch his new album 'Chemistry'. This album is - together with the new Sean P and the upcoming Tek-n-Steele - a new installment of the DuckDown saga. No tracklisting available yet, but be sure to check out the artwork at Watch out y'all!

POSTED 04|26|2005
Guru The Street Scriptures (V7.0) 04|25|2005

The Baldheaded man is live and kickin' on the solo-tip again. The previous Guru solo-album left many with a double feeling, so this new installment is kinda highly anticipated (especially after critics were this-n-thattin' about the artwork). 'The Street Scriptures' will have contributions from Jean Grae, Kweli, Doo Wop, Styles P, B-Real and more...

POSTED 04|25|2005
MED Push Comes To Shove 04|21|2005

Yeah, it's been pushed back a few times, but now it's really about to drop! The MED aka Medaphoar debut album 'Push Comes To Shove' coming end May. Producers include: Madlib, J Dilla, Just Blaze, Oh No and MC guests include Diamond D. I recall making the shortest chat ever with this cat when he asked me where the bathroom was at on Stones Throw tour. My answer was so stupid that i'm obligated to cop this album. Sure i won't regret.

POSTED 04|21|2005
Common Be 04|18|2005

While too many heads slept on the ecclectic 'Electric Circus', Common now returns with his sixth album 'BE' (equals 'Basement Elevation' or 'B-Boy Evolution') in an attempt to regain his former classic status. Eleven tracks already leaked on cyberspace but there’s plenty more hotness on the official version... entirely produced by Jay Dee and Kanye West!

POSTED 04|18|2005
Majik Most Molesting Hip Hop 04|13|2005

Oooo… this is gonna be one nasty album. Majik Most is known for dirty rhymes and fresh ass beats, and now Florida’s own finally releases his debut CD 'Molesting HipHop'. It’ll feature JJ Brown, Vinnie Paz, Louis Logic, J-Zone, Dutchmassive, Celph Titled and Apathy, a.o. Need to be convinced some more? Well, the album goes with a DVD that’ll feature some hot material. Once again on Domination Recordings… go!

POSTED 04|13|2005
Taione Davis April January 04|12|2005

Taione Davis (say Tie-Wan) is born and raised in Southside Chicago. Common, All Natural, yep, yep, it can’t be denied: this is a place that brings forth many talents. His debut album 'April January' will drop on Domination Recordings April 19th. Thaione is also member of the group IT, who dropped an LP 'Low Income Housing' on the same label a few months ago. Betta watch out for this one…

POSTED 04|12|2005
The Pacifics Sunday's Chicken 04|06|2005

'The Pacifics are People Accumulating Creative Ideas Foregoing Ignorant Conclusions of Society... The mighty trio of KP, Strike3 (aka. Mr. REXford) and Norman Rockwell create uncut 'go ill' hip hop designed to serve the soul and snap the neck.' This intro is taken from the crews' site When you hear this, plus that their debut is going to be released on All Natural Inc, you must be curious about this one! Sunday's Chicken! Soon!

POSTED 04|06|2005
C-Rayz Walz Year Of The Beast 04|04|2005

C Rayz Walz’ third 'proper' album 'Year of the Beast' issues May 17 on Def Jux. Proper, because 'The Prelude' and 'Limelight' were compiled CD’s. The album features El-P, Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, 4th Pyramid and Jean Grae, a.o. Something tells us this album is gonna be a banger, 'Ravipops' and 'The Black Samurai EP' were magnificent! Word is out that the first 10000 copies go with a free limited edition 'Evolution of the Beast' DVD, so be fast.

POSTED 04|04|2005
MF Grimm Scars And Memories 03|23|2005

Day By Day is 'bout to do it again! MF Grimm is back! After his Jet Jaquar release and the Special Herbs and Spices album, he's about to release 'Scars and Memories'. This cd will contain recordings (remastered) from his 1990-1999 period. All classic tracks are included. There's only one Grimm Reaper, yes, there's only one!

POSTED 03|23|2005
The Perceptionists Black Dialogue 03|04|2005

The wait is almost over; Perceptionists’ 'Black Dialogue' is droppin March 22 on Def Jux. Akrobatik, Mr Lif and Fakts One’s album features guest appearances by Guru, Humty Hump and Phonte. Besides Fakts One’s crazy ill production, there’s some joints by El-P on it. You can pre-order right now so don’t hesitate to visit the Def Jux website. We can tell you now: the album’s gonna be bananas, expect a review soon…

POSTED 03|04|2005
Sean Price Monkey Bars 03|04|2005

Bootcamp Click’s own Sean Price drops his debut album April 26. After a celebrated career with the group Heltah Skeltah, he’s ready to take over solo wise. Real fans have definitely copped his mix CD 'Donkey Sean Jr' and just know things is gonna be tight! The 'Monkey Bars' album features production by Ayatollah, Nottz, PF Cuttin, Khrysis, Agallah and 9th Wonder so don’t say shit to the Ruck!

POSTED 03|04|2005
Quasimoto The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas 02|21|2005

With his sophomore effort, 'The Further Adventures of Lord Quas', the helium-voiced character that we all know as Quasimoto, returns with a highly anticipated project, of which the 'Bus Ride/Rappcats (also a videoclip)/Greenery' 12-inch already dropped. The track 'Chippin' that appeared on the 'Stones Throw 100' promo EP is also on it. The album counts 27 titles (there are quite a few skits); entirely produced by Madlib, and it has featurings by MF Doom and Medaphoar.

POSTED 02|21|2005

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