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Krewcial 25/8 BBE • 2004

Krewcial got the chance of his lifetime to release an album on the well-respected and one of our favourite labels, BBE. A perfect opportunity to put Belgium on the map. A hard task, caus we know that foreign hip-hop heads can be prejudiced and mostly ignore it! But with this release they have no reason at all. The album fits in the BBE catalogue: jazzy, soulful hip-hop with fresh raps.

While not always a fan of Krewcial’s rappin style, we must say he’s on point on this album. The metaphors and punch lines are clever and the references to hip-hop music and earlier times ('Reminisce'!) are nice: 'I remain sane while others lost their sense like Common' and 'me coming with lyrics that ain’t fresh would be like an album from the Liks without rhymes by Tash' (risky, but he got a point!). But what’s more, the production is tight as hell. 'Krewc Control' is a great uplifting funk beat with a flipped bass line. 'Oxygen' is fresh electro funk and 'Sky to Land' and 'Same Tears' have lovely jazz samples. More highlights: 'Krewcial' and the relaxed 'U R U' featuring Little Brother’s Phonte. Expect more features by underground’s finest Kazi, Oh No and Murs! This album’s got a lot of soul; some will resist it, most will like it. The lovely Tanya Saw from Zap Mama (representin Bruges/Knokke) shines on 'Try Harder', 'Reminisce' and 'U R U' and captured our heart!

I’m sure people will be pleasantly surprised as in 'Is this from Belgium?' and then search for more info on Krewcial and Belgian hip-hop artists. And that’s a nice thing for the Krewc as well as for our local hip-hop scene!

POSTED ON 11|15|2004 by cpf

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