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Prozack Turner Not Everybody Sleeps At Night - • 2017

'Prozack was rockin mics since Michael Jackson was still black.', Oakland emcee Prozack Turner rapped on 'Full Time B-Boy', a mixtape fav by his group Foreign Legion from 1999.

Turner has been making music for over two decades. 'I been rhyming since porn was just a magazine.', it goes on 'Not Everybody Sleeps At Night'.

A quick and clever reminder of his vast rap career. Despite the fact his personal discography only started in 2006 with the release of 'Bangathon!'. The originally planned debut 'Death, Taxes & Prozack', with contributions by Dilla, Pete Rock, The Alchemist en Madlib, was shelved. Label Dreamworks went out of business. Shortly after, Prozack Turner went out of the country: on a journey through the pubs of Dublin, to wash off the financial and creative woes.

No Madlib, Pete Rock and Dilla on 'Bangathon!'. But Madlib's brother, Oh No, who crafted most of the beats.

The latter also appears in the credits of this album. He produced the beat to 'Don't Wanna Let You Go', a groovy track that perfectly exemplifies the album's energetic vibe. 'I should be burnt like a calorie. Still I can't compare to how I feel when I rap to beats.', it goes on 'Girls On A Trampoline'.

The raps are lively. The funky, up-tempo drums support soulful samples ('I like beats made with samples') , with catchy choruses and clever scratches in between. A preferred setting for the West Coast rap puritan.

Prozack Turner rhymes about his passion for real rap (a lot of winks to rap history), his source of inspiration (the night, hence the album title) and his beloved home turf of Oakland ('High Enough' with Brother Ali).

But unlike (or like) his name might predict, the Foreign Legion emcee can get really reflective. 'Arch enemy of myself. Y'all the remedy.', he admits on 'Skeletons'. And: 'The only way I think I can cope is being cynical'.

Still this album seems less cynical than other records and shows a Prozack Turner who can easily put his true feelings to record. The upright and honest way in which he describes the passing of his brother is striking.

The same upright, blunt attitude is heard on more political statements. 'Statue Of Liberty' strongly condemns the human reflex of conflict, while 'Guilty' (with Guilty Simpson, yes) fiercely condemns police violence. Hardly cynical, the words speak for themselves. Whether Prozack raps about good, bad or deep things, there's this 'sense of urgency' that crept into his writing.

POSTED ON 09|20|2017 by cpf

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