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Murs & 9th Wonder Brighter Daze Jamla • 2015

Just before 2015 -the year of King Kendrick- became history, Murs and 9th Wonder added a new chapter to their book of adventures.

No one expected the release, but then again 'unexpected' is the new buzzword in music marketing. Bye sneak peeks!

And also 'unexpected' because Murs and 9th Wonder released 'The Final Adventure' three years ago. The album title took not much of our imagination.

The Living Legend and the Dream Merchant had issued five albums. Five records combining the best of both artists. Cool, enthusing stories about love and the hood, draped over dreamy, soulful beats.

'Brighter Daze' doesn't break with that tradition. Why should it? Murs masters the art of storytelling and spins plots like the best of them. With great tension, lovely associations, interesting perspectives.

Murs' tone and voice kidnap one's attention. Check 'How To Rob With Rob', a hood story that sucks you up and surprises. Check 'Love Murs' or 'Get Naked', love tunes with little cliche's, a laugh and a tear. Lyrics matching perfectly with the soul craving beats by 9th Wonder.

'Brighter Daze' -available for the price you pick- is a welcoming surprise. Who thought 2015 hip-hop would fade away silently finds himself offside.

POSTED ON 01|19|2016 by cpf

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