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Tunnel Movement Overlooked Just Listen • 2014

‘When you talk Chicago hip-hop, I hope you mention us’. Scout’s honour: we didn’t. Up till now. The group was founded five years ago. In 2012, they released their debut album. But: we've 'overlooked'. After a few personnel shifts, the trio now consists of Kwote1, N.OA.H. and DJ Decept.

Last year, the first video of the album, ‘Kool Breeze’ could’ve become our summer anthem. Again: we overlooked.

The record is a showcase of raw, hungry rhymes. Rough voices that dance to rigid drums and melodic samples. The trio raps with an attitude from a nineties alley. Introspecitve, from the heart and with passion.

The beats: boombap drenched in soul. ‘This music is melodic I promise’: ‘Overlooked’ bulks with piano’s, strings and vocal samples.

‘Bean Buggin’, with a DJ Premier-like beat and Ed O.G., and ‘Return Of The Boombap’, featuring Blaq Poet, are odes to their love for nineties hip-hop. 'Keep the old school alive, like the new don't even matter', it goes on 'Life Lessons'. It’s an influence, that is paid homage to, throughout the album... ‘because that is what they missin’.

Tracks like ‘Life Lessons’, ‘Honey’, and ‘Kool Breeze’ or ‘What If’, exemplify the soulfulness of the record, on which they deal with life and experiences through tales and observations over melancholic samples.

Also great: the scratches. Turntablists DJ Nixon, Chinch33 and Belgium’s DJ Grazzhoppa excellent with their fast trigger fingers and exquisite choice of samples.

‘When you talk Chicago hip-hop, I hope you mention us’. From now on: yes!

POSTED ON 10|20|2014 by cpf

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