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Open Mike Eagle Dark Comedy Mello Music Group • 2014

Open Mike Eagle can rap a world together. And you’ll be travelling through it with fascination. You’ll find it intriguing. Hard to depict and absurd at times, but fascinating. Have a few laughs too. Michael Eagle II, of Project Blowed fame, the Hellfyre Club, and stated ‘one of the smartest young voices’ by L.A. Times, stitches different kinds of humour on his sleeve.

The Left Coast entertainer almost represents an art style on his own. Eagle observes his environment –from hood to web- and translates them stylistically into his preferred form of expression, ‘art rap’.

Eagle’s often cryptic, but always witty. Often sarcastic, but always clever. ‘You could use Facebook to learn gang signs’, Eagle chuckles, tongue in cheek. Even lines like ‘When I pass gas, it sounds like a fax machine’ carve a deeper meaning. ‘Dark Comedy’ is black humour, indeed. Declaimed over ethereal synths, often stumbling, but steady sticking to the protagonist’s slow, whispering flow.

‘Dark Comedy’ is not unforgettable. It sometimes floats adrift, and plays cat and mouse with the listener’s attention. But ‘Dark Comedy’ proves that Open Mike Eagle could drop a classic in a minute now. The record showcases the art rapper’s unique style, wayward pen, and key ability to create a world with words.

POSTED ON 08|22|2014 by cpf

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