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Danny Brown Concert Review Botanique Brussels • 28.02.2014

Love or hate him: Danny Brown’s a phenomenon. The Detroit rapper almost single-handedly smuggled trap into rap, developed his own gimmicking set with stop words (check!) and gestures (tongue out the mouth) and provokes at any place, any time. Danny Brown does it all in the name of entertainment. His punky attitude attracts a wide range of fans, from hoppers to rockers, just like, well, ODB.

Much as his style, this performance too, was different than most other rapper’s: despite a shy introduction 'Hey, my name is Daniel', he doesn't talk much with the audience, he has no back-up to tag team with, and does no biss songs. Didn’t he enjoy himself? Would he rather go and party with the crowd instead of being on stage -like he said himself?

Don’t think so. Danny’s a performer and adores the buhne. He doesn’t need to talk a lot with the public: a laugh here and there, and a devil sign in the air is enough to get the audience at hand. His appearance does the trick quite well. The Bruiser Brigader head bangs, gesticulates, and moves from left to right like a puppet on a string.

Meanwhile he switches his voice from tenor to bass like he’s the bare devil. His flow? Tight. And despite the nasal voice, a tsunami of words and a huge sound wall behind him, Danny Brown sounds understandable and perfectly masters his craft and lyrics.

The set list was not that surpising; floor bangers ‘Smokin & Drinkin’, ‘Kush Coma’ and ‘Dip’ (Molly!) prove that Brown aimed at a party. Not that the place turned into a bacchanal, but that’s probably Belgian modesty rather than it was Danny or his DJ Skywalkr’s fault.

Despite the party not really blowing up, the strict timing, and the poor interaction, we loved this gig. Because whether you love or hate it: Danny Brown’s a phenomenal performer. And a great rapper too.

POSTED ON 03|02|2014 by cpf

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