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The Regiment Live From The Coney Island Soul Tools • 2014

Detroit faced bankruptcy last year, but it flourished as a hip-hop scene. Quite a few artists -new and household- from the Motor City yielded rave reviews with groundbreaking releases. From Danny Brown to Black Milk, over Denmark Vessey, Boldy James and Guilty Simpson. Guilt also features on The Regiment’s ‘Live From The Coney Island’, kicking off 2014 and preluding another great rap year for Detroit.

‘Smile when you visit, but enter at your own risk’. Detroit has its share of economic and social problems. Both are touched on. But the overall tone of the album is optimistic. The ‘Coney Island’ from the title is a restaurant run by Greek immigrants who made something out of nothing. The Motor City might’ve lost some of its horse power, but the American dream still lives there. And that postive message echoes throughout the record.

Osi and IseQold sound eager, with lots of enthusiasm, passionate, but also with a great deal of assertiveness. It’s clear that their lyrics stem from a history in battle rap: ‘It’s a new year, got to shake the haters off’. At the other hand they switch easily to laid-back rhymes, introducing some gospel influences even, referring to the Most High.

Besides a variation of moods and themes, ‘Live From The Coney Island’ is filled with a good deal of different guest artists: together with New Jersey underground habitué El Da Sensei they're '10,000 Strong', former Aftermath artist Bishop Lamont stars on the old schoolish 'LOUDER', and Rhymesayers’ Toki Wright' adds a great vibe to 'The Solution'.

Eighteen tracks might seem a lot in a time of EP's and ten track records, but the variety keeps the record interesting. Plus producer Nick Speed found a great balance in beats: uptempo, heavy drums, or lush and soulful.

2014 only just started and The Regiment already set the bar high. One thing's for sure: Detroit is alive and kicking.

POSTED ON 01|31|2014 by cpf

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