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Ray West & OC Ray's Cafe Red Apples 45 • 2014

Sit back, he's about to begin, welcome to Ray's cafe, for boogaloo and barbecue, fine women, a cold beer or even Sambuca. OC will get you in the zone. It's been a while since Mush 'known in the rap books as OC-izzle'- put fans in the zone.

But since last year's collabo with Apollo Brown, Mush is back. À chance for the younger rap aficionados to acquaint with the DITC veteran. And not only through classics 'Word...Life' and 'Jewelz', because Omar Credle has changed. Not in flow, delivery or voice timbre, but he found a balance, a certain tranquility.

Unlike Apollo Brown's boombap production on 'Trophies', 'beattender' Ray West serves up down tempo beats with funky, soullful and pop ('YMI') samples, creating this smooth, relaxing atmosphere ('Sometimes you just gotta pause'). The ideal setting for an OC in 'vibe mood'.

Out of one simple loop, riff or rhythm, West creates lukewarm, organic soundscapes that pair well with OC-izzle's positive messages and retrospective thoughts.

'I've been grimey, but that's not my style', OC admits. Well, we wouldn't have thought it when we heard 'War Games', we should have guessed it when we heard 'Stronjay', but it's a beautiful thing we must say.

POSTED ON 01|28|2014 by cpf

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