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Clear Soul Forces Concert review DOK, Ghent • 09.12.2013

Who? Clear Soul Forces from the city of Detroit. Consisting of: L.A.Z, Ilajide, E-Fav, & Noveliss.

Detroit may well be bankrupt, its hip-hop scene is far from death. Clear Soul Forces got the chance to prove it in a pretty crowded DOKBox. Energy, vivid rhymes and a lack of clichés, a recurrent feature among young, independent, hip-hop acts. There’s just some more work to do on a production level…


Again, All Eyes On Hip Hop, one of the many brands of Democrazy, managed to bring a Belgian premiere to Ghent. Clear Soul Forces will release a double album on September 17th. Last night, the record was already sold to the crowd. Among the latter: a lot of people from out of town. Meaning: the Motor City underground collective already gathered some fame in Belgium.

Their performance is easy to summarize. The four emcees took the stage with the energy of a raging bull. They hardly even realized an hour had passed. The first twenty minutes were the strongest: with rapid tag-teaming and a crowd that got warmed up like a pressure cooker. A pause had to follow. Fortunately the break was limited to one blunt and some classic songs, linked to Detroit in some kind of way.


The problem of the performance? If you don’t want four emcees to get wound up in their own sound (literally and figuratively), you need a ‘crazy’ PA in combination with the experience of the Jungle Brothers, Jurassic 5 or De La Soul. On top of that, the most talented MC of the group also took charge of most of the live beats, resulting into sporadic chaos.

Clear Soul Forces still miss their own signature. The circumstances, in which The Doppelgangaz did their already legendary performace last March, were worse. But the New Yorkers clearly had a plan. Whereas the Clear Soul Forces still are a bit too young and restless. Immediately, they threw everything they had on stage. Every emcee has a personality but we miss a whole greater than the sum of its parts, on and off stage.

But an hour flew by. And let that be a sign of quality. Hip-hop in your face that circles around the essence of the genre, is blooming more and more these days. Clear Soul Forces is yet another group of young potentials. We’re already looking forward to more routine and ‘slickness’ on…well, guess it’ll be the Dour festival...

Words: mp-h [skylinereviews.com]
Pics: Pieterjan Verburgh

POSTED ON 09|19|2013 by cpf

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