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Wordsmith The Blue Collar Recital Nu Revolution Entertainment • 2013

‘I don't feel like a lot of artists today care to put messages in their music', Wordsmith told us with the release of his first album. 'So I would like to fill in the gap’. He's right. The crisis is hitting an average household harder than ever. A working man works his knuckles to the bone. But pays more bills than ever. It should be worth a topic for a rap album right? Unfortunately, not a lot of rappers spend more than five bars on it. Is it too far from their backyard? Is it because the crisis would bore the hell out of the listener? Not sure. The Baltimore rapper shows it's possible with his sophomore solo release though. For one; he translates the crisis to a concrete situation, namely the daily life of a blue collar. Secondly, Wordsmith has the talent to wrap his messages in attractive, radio-friendly tunes. The backbone of his music is a mixture of catchy hooks, eerie arrangements and 'live' instrumentation.

With lots of commitment, Wordsmith carries the cross of the working class. From daily experience: because he knows what it is to wake up at 5 AM, do a day job, make music ànd take his kids to school. The key to his survival is positivity: the first song is called 'It's 5 AM, Smell The Roses'. But he remains critical: 'The government never stressed. Never working in the ghetto, and call it 'the projects'?'. 'Living From Check To Check' is one of the album's highlights, and is, at its essence, pure blues. More than just whining, it's a story of hope and responsability.

And so 'The Blue Collar Recital' is an interesting record. Not unique, not a classic. But a school example of how to wrap a deep message in an accessible record. It's a compilation of 11 workman's songs that apply for radio airplay. Not easy, but we're sure he will appeal to both the mainstream and the underground. Wordsmith does it with (working) class.

POSTED ON 09|17|2013 by cpf

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