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Greenhouse Bend But Don't Break Weightless Records • 2013

It was almost chucked in the bin. But fortunately Blueprint and Illogic managed to put out this Greenhouse album eventually. Just as the two Ohio emcees were preparing their comeback as a duo, their solo careers grew by leaps and bounds. Blueprint's second solo release 'Adventures In The Counter-Culture' caught much appraisal with fans and label. So he toured the world with Rhymesayers.

In the meanwhile, Illogic got into the studio with Blockhead for his recently released and brilliant 'Capture The Sun' LP. So there it lay: the first Greenhouse project in years. Unfinished but bubbling. With ideas, societal criticism and hidden frustrations, ventilated through stylish punchlines and metaphors that tackle the competition.

Both artists share a discography. It tells. Illogic dives deeper into his imagery. Blueprint seems more laid-back and to-the-point. But they both excellent with ambition and dream like the best. The duo confronts other rappers ('You can't flow no more, must be the meno pauze'), writer blocks (‘Print just make what you made before, but it hurt too much so I really can’t no more') and hesitate about the industry ('The industry's a bitch, but she's having my baby'). Supastition assists in their fight against the ills of society, such as consumerism and diabetes ('Fighting for my daughter. It's me against the McDonalds ads').

Like dark clouds. Rolling as thunder and electrified like lightning. So are the beats: lively drums with eerie synths and spacey piano licks. The old school is never far away, just like the future.

'Bend But Don't Break' is a pumped-up fist but also a style piece: a gracious exercise in the art of lyricism.

POSTED ON 08|27|2013 by cpf

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