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DJ Iron Classic Recipes Vol. 1 - • 2013

Belgium's DJ Iron is a busy DJ, productive producer and avid admirer of the mid school era (between you and us: he adores 1988 and 1989 rap too). Mix those three passions, and one has the perfect ear for remixing a mid school medallion. The DJ of Grazzhoppa's Big Band called in the help of like-minded friends/musicians with a crave for 90's hip-hop to jump in the kitchen and jar some everlasts through the mixer.

Often remixes are made like this: take an instrumental and cover it with an a capella. It's not that simple. You have to ‘read’, and feel the lyrics and song concept in order to remix it. That’s the forte of this project. A cappella's click with home-made beats, that carry the lyrics. Could you fool someone who hasn't heard the original of Alkaholiks' 'The Next Level' -impossible, but suppose- by saying this remix is actually the original? Amazingly yes.

The beats of the remixes all have a mid school feeling, but they’re not necessarily in the same vein as the original. Kool G Rap’s ‘It’s A Shame’ has a nice bluesy edge to it, while Dooley-O’s vivid raps nicely contrast with an eased down, violin-infested tune. The beats are multi-layered and show that these producers don't stick to hip-hop alone, but explore and understand other music niches.

'Classic Recipes vol. 1' is a great compilation of tunes, almost all stemming from within a four year's period -1993 to 1996- but not the usual tracks you always come along. It's nice to see Milk ('Get Off My Log' off the infamous 'Never Dated' album), Dooley-O and Prince AD & Psycho Child along Beatnuts and The Liks. The title reads volume one, can't wait for volume two.

POSTED ON 05|31|2013 by cpf

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