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Raashan Ahmad Ceremony Jakarta / Groove Attack • 2013

Every time a new season's in town, one associates it with a music album; or vice versa. When Spring: often a dreamery, laid-back release with positive vibes and a pinch of exotism. Our suggestion for Spring 2013: Raashan Ahmad’s ‘Ceremony’.

Known for his work with Mission and Crown City Rockers, his affinity with silver linings and jazzy arrangements -after all named after Rahsaan Roland Kirk- Raashan drops a record that's rewarming and tinging like a first sun ray.

Not familiar with Ahmad? His charming and charachteristic voice, accompanied with an enticing cocktail of poignant piano's, swirling saxes, festive afro and rhumba rhythms -check ‘No, No, No’ with Homeboy Sandman’- will convince you. Known for his universal approach to music -the Bay Area MC tours the world often-, the album is topped off with an international flavour through guest spots by Austria’s Soia, Australian singer Sarsha Simone, and UK rapper Ty.

POSTED ON 05|03|2013 by cpf

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