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Curly Castro FIDEL Man Bites Dog • 2013

A rapper who challenges, subtle by lyrics or upfront by name or album title, never cheap or easy but with salty satire. A rapper who says what's wrong, sings like Louis Armstrong, and doesn't just scream 'fuck you' but relates stories and constructs concepts to make his point across.

We don't encounter one every week. In Philly they have a patent on it. From Schoolly D's urban realism to Black Thought's affinated activism. Anno 2013, Curly Castro comes peeping at the same window. The Brooklyn-born rapper has surrounded himself with Wrecking Crew cohorts Has-Lo, Zilla Rock and Small Professor, break freak Blueprint, dreambeatweaver Georgia Ann Muldrow plus up and commers Blurry Drones, DJ Xclusive, and Nex Milen.

The spikey metaphor in 'Colored Water Fountain' – striking symbol of racial segregation- puts politicians in the dock, while the poignant autobiographical stories in 'Coal' and 'Winter Eve 87' are highlights that underline Castro's creativity and concern.

'Strange fruit, cut myself down from black trees'; Curly Castro is a lyricist with punch and charachter, who not only made a fine record but a statement. Vas bien.

POSTED ON 03|18|2013 by cpf

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