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Saheed & Numonics Not For Nothing - • 2013

The tinge in his timbre tells that Saheed is a lyricist with a deep soul. A young, ambitious rapper-songwriter with a message, wrapped in sharp, stylistic lyricality. Saheed speaks on subjects such as 'the best way to start the day' ('spliff lit, cup full of coffee'), over endurance, to 'doing what you like regardless' and analyzes a stingy political situation.

On 'The Gaza Trip', the Miami rapper with Palestinian roots grasps the nettle and touches a complex matter in an uncomplex manner, with a blunt and unbiased opinion. What's even more, he draws comparisions between the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the crime situation in Chicago. 'Let The Silence Say It All' is a good example of Saheed's narrative skills, with well-built storylines and good pointes.

Fellow up-and-coming, Florida resident Numonics' production -which you will encounter in many more projects this year- is a mix of organic instrumentals, with a chopped-up soul sample, a soundtrack snippet or guitar loop, and up-tempo cadences altered with down-tempo rhythms. The eerie 'Times Up' for instance -featuring Wrekonize and Soul Khan- where Saheed deals with the ups and downs of the rap hustle. Up-tempo and neck-twisting is the lively beat of 'I Go On', perfectly fitting the song's 'K.I.M.'-theme; 'No sleep, I'll do that in my coffin'. Don't sleep on Saheed and Numonics, this 'street album' is more than just an appetizer.

POSTED ON 02|25|2013 by cpf

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