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Mr Complex Swiss Chocolate Cake Sub-Bombin Records • 2012

Describing Mr Complex as one of the architects of the underground movement that was embodied by the seemingly insatiable success of the Rawkus label and the prolification of artists such as Black Star, Pharoahe Monch or even Lone Catalysts might be an overstatement. But it's fair to say that Plex, originally down with Organized Konfusion, influenced a fair number of underground lyricists. The Queens rhymesayer imported the underground virus that dominated NY into Europe (we remember a great 2002 performance at Vooruit, Ghent) and even charmed the Rawkus imprint, on which he released the 'Stabbin You' single. At the beginning of the noughties, Mr Complex had rapped himself a spot between the megatalented underground emcees of his generation.

After three solo albums ('The Complex Catalogue', 'Hold This Down', and 'Twisted Mister'), two collective efforts with his crew Polyrhythm Addicts and too less recognition, Corey Roberts shifted focus from music to television. But the love for music is obstinate. In 2012, Mr. Complex will make his long-awaited comeback with 'Forever New'. As an appetizer, more than a dessert, 'Swiss Chocolate Cake' is served. The album was composed during a early 2000s-stay in Switzerland, with production by Vasi, Simonayem, Phil Pro, and Fierce and (re)introduces the Complex sound that a vast crowd of underground fans have missed.

With ravissant raps, a vivid flow and his typical high-pitched voice, Plex jubilantly tiptoes through the funky soundscape of jazz and soul-infested beats. Cocky but in a real sympathetic
manner, Mr Complex boasts on tracks with activating titles such as 'Right now is POW', 'Poppin Off', 'Act Up', and 'Flying Hgh'. Combined with warm, captivating and uplifting sounds, Roberts' charms and entertainmanship make the main ingredients of this very digestible cake.

Compatriotic that we are, we normally prefer Belgian chocolate, but a bite out of this tasty chunk immediately got us hooked due to its complex yet refined structure. Right before Mr Complex' actual comeback, this album is more than just a warming-up. It rather makes you wonder why it stayed unearthed all these years.

POSTED ON 03|06|2012 by cpf

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