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Kyo Itachi & LMNO Born Again N/A • 2011

Another LMNO album? Jep. After he dropped a series of ten (!) albums in two thousand and ten, the Long Beach Visionary joint ventures with French beatmaker Kyo Itachi. As a French cuisine fan, James Kelly teams up for the second time with a producer from The Hexagon. Astronote, hailing from Paris, created the soundscape to 'Tripping On This Journey' last year.

As a matter of fact, Leave My Name Out starts dropping Gallic into his lyrics quite often, 'au contraire, mon frere' and refers more directly to France than to reefer. 'Under The Influence' ('with precision we slice, with the knife of life') remains indirect, although 'Green' (featuring Dannu and a Quasimoto sample in the chorus) covers no secrets.

So does this eleventh album in a year-and-a-half's span add up too much? Au contraire, LMNO convinces strongly on this LP. Driven by a preference for proverbs and metaphors, his vocabulary seems as deep as the Pacific. Putting so many different words to rhyme is remarkable, inspiration seems limitless. But let's not forget Itachi's input. It’s the way he always uses the same drum pattern technique of filtered kicks and clean claps, but keeps his sound refreshing with various, mood-setting samples. Whether it's Oriental ('My Mind'), heroic ('Under The Influence'), bluesy ('Work For Mines') or nostalgic ('How You Living' and 'Piece Of Peace').

We very much feared that we eventually would get tired of LMNO, but he caught us by surprise. 'Born Again' brings the best of both artists. With an impressive career path, from starring in a video with D.O.C., Dr Dre and Eazy-E in 1989 to conquering the world with The Visionaries crew, and a slew of solo recordings, LMNO still makes progress and that is , pardon our French, f-ckin grand.

POSTED ON 07|20|2011 by cpf

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