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Motion Man Adult Situations 442 Records • 2010

Ok, first check the cover of this album, then take a look at Motion Man's career, containing his various collabo's with Kool Keith. One would expect an updated version of Keith's legendary 'Sex Style' album, right?

None of that on Paul Laster's latest. Ok, it is undoubtedly clear that the man has been influenced by Keith Matthews if you check out his vocabulary ('do your physical fitness') and delivery, but the Bay area rapper keeps it less kinky, less kitch, and, although the beats and cover picture are inspired by seventies 'adult situations', this album sounds innocent, with much courtship. It's a collection of flirtery fun with a lot of flair. From office romances to high school reunions, The Motionizer sounds more Don Quichote than Casanova Rud ever did.

Disappointed? Don't be. There's plenty more rap records you can check if you're looking for a bit of porn in your hip-hop. This is just a very entertaining record with fun features, such as D'Wyze (The B.UM.S.!) on 'Tell Me What You Want' ('In between the sheets I'm an Isley Brother') and good, solid sampling production by San Fran's Unagi and Philly newcomer Jethroe, throwin a classy, funk soundtrack to Nodding Noggers' escapades, with beats that go from old school to Roy Ayers over a Hawaï Five-O soundtrack, dirty drums and cool jazz. A bit short, but worth a few spins in a row.

POSTED ON 09|26|2010 by cpf

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