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Style In Tone We Trust Select • 1990

Tony Tone and his DJ Mick Nice formed the group Style at the end of the eighties. Tony Tone has absolutely nuthin to do with Tony Tone Tone. And, what’s more: he’s the brother of hip-hop icons T La Rock and Special K (Treacherous 3). In 1990, Select Records dropped their album with production by Hollywood Impact of the Centerfield Posse who also did the music of Twin Hype. It needs to be said: this album’s pretty dope.

As they were connected with Twin Hype thru Hollywood, they also knew King Shameek, who hooked them up with King Sun. 'The Assassinator' featured the King and recently appeared on Sloppy White’s infamous mix tape. The track is up-tempo with a psychedelic noise and a twisted guitar sample, Tone raps braggadociosely: 'Only time we gonna hear ya name is in your eulogy'. This song is not the only highlight of the album. The opener 'What A Brother Knows' is a relaxing cut with some nice sampling and straight-up rappin by the Tonester. 'Hip Hop Blues' has Tone talking about his first steps in the music biz: 'Makin tapes with my brother T La Rock'. The kid got his skillz from somewhere!

The title track is an uplifting, funky joint with a hypnotising guitar sample and ill scratches by Mick Nice. Now with Twin Hype’s producer behind the boards, you’d expect some hip house but the only dance tracks are 'Set the Mood' and 'Release Your Body' and they aren’t that housey at all, but strictly dope hip-hop with some keyboard loops. One of my favourites is 'How You Livin' with some bugged out noises and rhymes with an attitude, headnod stuff all the way! Pretty annoying is 'Who Do You Love?', with some excessive singing but, don’t fear, it’s the only minus point of the album! The production is on-point, with different instruments, a variety of dope crazy samples and solid drums. Not a classic but an essential piece of hip-hop !

POSTED ON 12|13|2004 by cpf

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