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Viro The Virus The Sharpest Blade One i Di. Vision • 2008

Freestylishly superb with an accurate view on life and what surrounds him (in much ways reminding us of Masta Ace), Illadelphia's upcoming rap talent Viro The Virus' follow-up to'Jersey's Finest' has turned into a 19-track trip displaying Chuck Smut's freestyle experience with an ability to 'twist syllables and spliffs' and drop more rock-solid metaphors than your average rapper.

Over the threatening, Happ G-produced 'Rhymes, Cuts, Bass, Drums' it goes 'my victories are pilin up like Tetris' as Viro rips it sharp like his tongue was a blade. Then on the next track 'Heartless', Jersey's Finest goes more personal with introspective lines like 'sometimes I have to lose my mind, cuz bein sane is terrible when the pain's unbearable' or 'instead of slittin my wrist I wrote this'. It's clear that Big V doesn't write for fun, that he doesnt' write to simply brag, but that he takes this rap thing dead serious.

With excellent production by his personal beat supplier Caliph-Now, who produced most of the album's songs, Viro The Virus shows what he's lyrically capable of ('My train of thought will run you right off the tracks'), perfectly underlining his statement 'I'm the future in the flesh'.

POSTED ON 11|02|2008 by cpf

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