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Kings Of Swing Strategy BumRush • 1991

Straight out the 'First Priority-camp, comes this trio consisting of the female DJ Cocoa Channel and MCís Sugar Kay and Mike Master. The production of the album is by King of Chill and Audio Two, so expect real smooth funky beats.

A good example is the King of Chill produced 'Betty Boop', with a dope guitar sample and a hook that keeps hangin in ya head. More funkiness on 'Show Em What U Got' where DJ Cocoa Channel rips the mic with sharp lyrics over a dope bass line laced by The King, she also arranged the cuts on this track. 'Iím not an average female I rate myself higher', probably hip-hopís first female DJ on a record and a damn good MC as well. '2 Minutes of Funk' is a top-notch funk track with a famous Cymande-'The Message'-sample thatís also used in Masta Aceís 'Me & The Biz', a.o.

Milk D features behind the production boards on 'Funky Breakdown', throwin fat breaks. I canít say that any song over classes the other because every track is ill, makin it a coherent album full of funkiness. Props to the Audio Two, super producer King of Chill and of course DJ CoCoa Channel. This album is an absolute must and not only for the Audio Two fans. Itís kinda short: not even 40 minutes long but donít worry, itís 39:40 minutes of dope funk.

POSTED ON 11|18|2004 by cpf

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