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Broady Champs Breakfast Of Champions Day By Day • 2006

'Broadyyyy! Like I’m fresh from South Philly'. (For the record: being 'broady' means 'takin advantage' in Illadelph) BC does not longer stands for Before Christ alone, because Broady Champs finally got a chance through MF Grimm and his Day By Day label to get a piece of the hip-hop market. Starting properly with the first meal of the day, the Broady Champs, consisting of MarcQ Spekt, Nyce, Buddy Leroy and Point God, hit us with their first official full album, following a range of mixtapes and self-released albums.

And BC is hungry! 'I’mma eat so fast I forget to chew', it goes in 'HOPE', the first single of the album that displays their the-best-is-yet-to-come philosophy, work hard-ethic and underlines the production style that dominates on this record: raw but soulful, predominately due to warm bass lines and gloomy samples. Raw as well is the pensive lyrics, brought to the table with a raunchy voice timbre and a consistent accuracy, at a moderate, near-speech tempo. Lyrics that sound honoust and up-front without really standing out in style and concepts, except for the eating theme woven throughout the album. 'We all gotta eat since all evil is choke', they rap in 'Patriot', a gloomy track with a hook that won’t tickle your imagination 'say hi to the world, bye to the struggle, but at least the message is clear and uncomplicated.

Overall, the rawness of this album reminds of the mid90s’ Queensbridge sound ('I keep it Nore like a nigguh on the run'), Wu-Tang Clan ('This is chamber music!') and the Mobb Deep we know from 'Hell On Earth'. Rarely seen these days, as most groups take it back to the ATCQ or De La sound when they grasp back to the 90s. The album starts very promising with every track being a banger but after the headnodder 'Dungeon Rap', the annoying Southern-like party 'OOOOOHH' slices the album’s consistency. Fortunately enough, this setback is followed by the soulful, uplifting 'Neva Gon Stop (Broady Mix)' and the energetic 'Street Knowledge'. More highlights are the piano-laced 'Candlelite Dinner', the chopped-up production of 'Fuckdachamps' and 'CHANGE', with an aching soul voice loop and BC soundin raw as ever; 'We're like Public Enemy without Flavor Flav'.

Chamber music to bang your head to, raw and soulful with serious lyrics, it’s clear why MF Grimm gave these cats a chance to let the world hear their work. It lasted a few albums (I’m guessin The Longshots' 'Hunger (!) Music' album) since we heard this kind of raw underground vibes. With only a few minors, this record is a winner. Listen to this during your breakfast and you can start the day with a healthy amount of energy and persistence. Just sit back relax and let the neck muscles do the rest.

POSTED ON 04|08|2006 by cpf

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