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Kings Of Pressure Slang Teacher Next Plateau • 1989

Phenomenal album on the Next Plateau label by this trio. If it wasn’t so rare it would definitely be in the 'classics' section. Try to lay your hands on this one… not an easy thing to do. The album has crazy funky production, the illest breaks and bugged out samples.

The title track is an up-tempo funk track with crazy noises, heavy rhyming and a nice chorus, in the song the listener is educated to control the art of speaking slang. No braggin in 'Rappers Have Feelings', one of the Kings is even singin in a very-Barry White-like style but at no time -I repeat- at no time does this track sounds corny. Hell, it’s one of the most hardcore songs out there talking about feelings and shit. Same goes for 'Call Me On The Phone', that is a real love song but, again, fails to sound too corny. Damn, the greatest love ballads in rap must’ve been written in the late 80’s. This one is a champ.

LL and Heavy D can sleep on both ears, the Kings return to the harder work on 'Who’s Gonna Take The Bait'. The main ingredients: strong rappin, a pumpin bassline and ill synth samples, just like on 'Tales from the Darkside' . The flute and piano licks in 'So Simple' are funky, melodic and prove that this album has some of the craziest, most creative samples and cuts in hip-hop history. 'Smooth As A Violin' is another example: don’t expect a normal violin, but an electric, twisted, Oriental one.

All these tracks total a real soundscape and if we keep in mind that the music equipment in 1989 was negligible comparing to nowadays, the album deserves to be admired.

POSTED ON 12|25|2004 by cpf

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