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VA Okayplayer Vol 1: True Notes Okayplayer / MCA • 2004

Okayplayer equals quality, so I was immediately excited for this compilation. The intro is original as hell, the beat is superb…the first song 'KO Player': BANG, another Madlib superproduction hits me in the face, no need to question who’s gonna win The Source Award for Best Producer this year, while Aceyalone drops slow, catchy lyrics 'I’m Aceyalone and I’m runnin for mayeuuhr'. But afterwards, to be honest, it’s waiting for Jean Grae’s 'Keep Living' to get excited again. The song’s a very nice piano loop and her dark 'alone in this world that’s how I came in it', punch line lyrics are class, she’s one of the greatest female artists of the moment, no doubt.

More great songs are the mystic Hieroglyphics’ 'Respect Deez' and 'Do What I Like' with a thuggish Dice Raw on a fantastic RJD2 beat. Highlight on the album is Supastition’s 'The Williams', the beat is soulful and fat but the concept and the lyrics of the song! Holy Mozes. 'My bills are so old I’ve started to call them William' Dark humour at its best, being known as Broke Ass in this town, I choose this song to be my personal anthem! The album’s getting better with the minute; very nice is Little Brother’s 'Shake It', Blackalicious’ 'Just What Can Happen', Baby Blak’s 'Can’t Help them with That' and a head role is reserved for RJD2, who shines again with the instrumental track 'Act 2'.

Most of the album is nice productions, nice emcees but unfortunately it has some weak points, not to mention Mad-where did it go wrong? -Skillz and the track with Truck & Mac Hideous: skip them and you’ll have a decent compilation.

POSTED ON 03|06|2004 by cpf

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