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Ahmad Ahmad Giant • 1994

Straight from the West Coast, 18-year old Ahmad came to drop this jewel. The album is one of the funkiest ever made. Ahmad delivers the listener a sun shower with blazing Parliament, Funkadelic, and Sly & The Family Stone sampled music. The party starts with an up tempo, rolling funk drumbeat with background voices that make the Belgian grey skies disappear at once.

'Back in the Day', the single of the album, is a smooth mellow song, having Ahmad reminiscing over the idyllic school days at South Central high school. 'Bonafied Funk' is as you can suspect from the title, a badass funky song having the same sample as King Tee’s 'Bass Remix' on 'Act a Fool', but with a groovier bass line. 'The Joneses' continues on a warm breeze. The song has a typical funk vibe with a soulful, deformed (see Ice Cube, Redman, Del) voice in the background. 'Can I Party?' has the incredible 'Sing A Simple Song' (Sly & The Family Stone) drum sample, known from tracks such as 'The Humpty Dance' and 'Eazy Duz It', sounding funkier as ever. Ahmad rhymes with ease and coolness, sounding like he’s sippin on a funky lemonade in the LA shade. 'Ordinary People' has a famous Crusaders sample with a hard hi-hat, snapping ya neck while headboppin to it. Last track on the album is the Dividends Remix of the lead single 'Back in the Day', not very different from the original track but still a quality beat.

This album is a West Coast classic, bringing the Californian summer straight into your room. Not long after the release Ahmad was dropped by his label, and after almost ten years of silence Ahmad returned on the scene with his group 4th Avenue Jones.

POSTED ON 03|01|2004 by cpf

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