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10|21|2014Dark Comedy
Open Mike Eagle on KEXP radio.
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10|02|2014Pick Of The Month
09|30|2014The Great Year
Stream The Black Opera new album.
09|08|2014Kool Keith Cartoon
Watch it here.
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09|01|2014Platform's Pick Of The Month
Missed some singles in August? We wrapped up the best here.
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On A MountainThe Procussions ft. LoganPOSTED 09|10|2013
Catchin The VibeQuasimotoPOSTED 09|08|2013
Changed HeartsBraillePOSTED 09|08|2013
DyslexicLMNOPOSTED 09|08|2013
The Dangerous 3R.A. The Rugged Man ft. Brother Ali & Masta AcePOSTED 09|05|2013
Pick It UpTanya MorganPOSTED 09|04|2013
RumblestickSean P ft. Killah PriestPOSTED 09|04|2013
Rule By SecrecyThe CloaksPOSTED 09|04|2013
Sunday Morning (ft. Rain & Tea Leigh) / Cocaine Moe PopePOSTED 09|04|2013
BreadcrumbsDecaPOSTED 09|01|2013
Sex WaxZion I ft. Collie BuddzPOSTED 09|01|2013
Good Morning WelcomeMoka OnlyPOSTED 08|31|2013
Dark Knight ThemeSunspot Jonz & BOACPOSTED 08|31|2013
How Much Times LeftBlame One & J57 ft. Akie BermissPOSTED 08|30|2013
ODBDanny BrownPOSTED 08|29|2013