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J-Zone In the zone with... Captain Backslap aka the Tom Jones of Rap 'You better lock up the Bacardi at ya party when the Zone roll through', J-Zone rapped on 'Spoiled Rotten', a hit song of his terrific 2004 'A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work' album, his fifth album already, releasin just one year after 'Sick Of Bein Rich'. The track also featured Celph Titled, with whom J-Zone has just finished the recordings of the 'Bo$$ Hogg Barbarian' album. Jep, anno 2005, J-Zone is still one busy man: he released a remix album and produced for artists like Access Immortal and Majik Most.... But today we caught him on a time-out, suffering from a bad knee injury and tropical temperatures, time to kick back and talk about music, music and more music...

Wassup J-Zone?

Gas prices!

Majik Most told me you did a sandwich dance with two lesbians in a club called Empire and no money was spent, so I guess Florida was great fun for you?

Oh yes! I loved Florida. Me, Celph and Majik went wild. I got tore up and was throwin up in the airport the next morning. Second drunkest I ever been in my life! Lesbians will dyke out in Florida and let you joke around with em. In New York, you gotta buy them bitches drinks and sweat em all night. They act like we should be impressed that they're makin out. Bitch, I don't care, that shit ain't new! Then they give you attitude. Fuck New York and all these snotty hipster ass bitches and punk ass hoes.

When's the 'Bo$$ Hogg Barbarians' album with Celph Titled comin out? What can we expect from it?

Early 2006, probably March. It's different from what you'd expect. I mean, it's hilarious, rude and wild like you'd expect, but the beats are straight funk. There's maybe three or four songs that have that 'Eatadiccup', 'Spoiled Rotten' vibe. The rest is straight hoggin on some funky ass beats. Me and Celph did the beats, and we got one beat from Mr. Walt of Da Beatminerz. Don't expect 'Pimps Don't Pay Taxes' meets 'The Godz Must Be Crazy', it's some all new shit.

You did this album called 'Hotter Than Fish Grease' with Dick Stallion. What was the idea behind that?

We just got drunk, watched 'American Pimp' and said 'let's do an album in one night'. So we just jacked all the obvious funk loops, sampled a bunch Too $hort albums for the hooks and got crazy. Written, produced, recorded and mixed in one night while we were drunk! People that heard it took it too serious, sayin 'oh, J-Zone used to be dope, he let me down'. It was a joke! We did it for fun, it was totally unprofessional. Sometimes you gotta do outrageous shit to keep from goin crazy with all that hip-hop shit.

Wassup with Dick Stallion?

Stallion is chillin. He sang two hooks on the 'Bo$$ Hog' album. He's a high school teacher (seriously) and a preacher at the Church Of Pimpin.

What about Al-Shid? Is he gonna release a solo album soon?

Shid is workin on an album and he makes his own beats.I did a beat for his album and we're still real cool, but he's tryin to get his own shit off the ground. He just built a studio. I'm pressurin him to hurry up cause everybody asks about his album! Shid is the dopest MC I know.

'I rather play 'Ice Ice Baby' cuz that even sounds better than all of that shit out now', you rap on your first album. Do you still play Vanilla Ice often? Was that being sarcastic or do you really dislike today's music scene?

(laughs) Me and Celph just did a parody of that song. I was being dead serious when I said that. I mean, Vanilla Ice was weak, but he's way better than 8 out of every 10 rap songs that play on MTV now. Vanilla Ice was a perpretrator, which was mainly why he got hated on. His rhymes were just below average, and most dudes back then was at least average, but that muthafucka was flowin real dope on that song! Don't front, I'm bein serious. He could flow. I hate soundin like a bitter old man, but most dudes rhymin now is trash, so in retrospect Vanilla Ice wasn't that bad. If he came out now, he'd be pretty decent.

What do you think of the older commercial acts like MC Hammer, Kris Kross, Skee-Lo,...?

I won't lie, I like some of it. I never liked Kris Kross or Skee-Lo, but Hammer had 'Turn This Mutha Out'. That was dope! Young MC had one or two cuts on his first album that was cool. Tone Loc's second album too.

Unlike most underground fans, you're a big fan of E40, B-Legit, Juvenile, Suga Free,... What arguments do you have to convince underground heads to listen to these artists anyway?

All them dudes you mentioned make dope hip-hop, it's just different from the hip-hop most underground kids are used to. They got different accents and they have sample-free beats, but that doesn't mean they ain't dope. Them dudes you mentioned can all rap they ass off. If Suga Free or E-40 were to rhyme up against 98% of the underground rappers, they'd destroy the underground dudes. I put every dime I have on that bet.

You released a remix album this year, and you finally featured on a Eazy-E track! The chemistry was blazin, man! You must've been playing with that idea for many years before puttin it out?

(laughs) Thanks. I always wanted to do a song with Eazy, so when I decided to do the remix album I remembered I had an a capella of his song with Erick Sermon. No disrespect to Erick, but instead of just remixin the whole song, I replaced his verse with mine to make it a new song. I'll never get a chance to work with Eazy, so I had to do it.

Why did you put out this remix album?

That remix album was to show people that I'm a fan of a wide range of rappers and I got beats to fit em all. From De La Soul, to MOP, to Redman to Project Pat, who's the complete opposite of De La! I wanna work with everybody I remixed, so hopefully the project is a step closer to makin it happen.

Did you get some reactions on the 'A Game Of Friendly Basketball' track (of the 'A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work' album), from Bow Wow, Scottie Pippen or Large Professor?

Nobody said shit. I think Large Professor is the only dude out of all of them that even heard it.

So have you been invited to a celebrity all-star match yet?

They used the song during the Celebrity All-Star Game on ESPN this year which was cool.

Let's talk production; what's your equipment?

MPC-2000, TR-Rack sound module with the Oxygen 8 MIDI keyboard, turntables, a Mac with ProTools, a CD-J 800, some old tube compressors and an old Tascam Analog Board.

Has it always been the same since you started producin?

I switched from SP-1200 to MPC-2000 in 1997. I started usin the sound modules in 2002. I got the CD-J in 2003 and got ProTools in 2004.

How do you like ProTools ?

'A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work' was my first ProTools project, I was usin DA-88 tape machines before that. ProTools makes me nervous cause computers scare me, but it makes life 1000% easier. I love how much more convenient it is. Instead of sampling a capellas and flying them in over the beats manually, I just open the session. That song 'Edit These' where I reverse everything but the curses, that woulda been a nightmare if I didn't have ProTools. Same with the remix album, cause I changed the tempo of the Eazy-E joint without changing the pitch of his voice. That's impossible without a computer or CD-J.

You often emphasize the importance of drum programming. Paul C was definitely one of the best in programming, but you never really mention him in interviews as being an influence. So did he influence you?

Oh hell yeah! I've mentioned him before, but there so many producers that influenced me that it's hard to remember them all on the spot. He was a damn genius. That 'Gets No Deeper' remix by Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud! Where he dismantled the 'Love City' drums?! To this day I don't know how he did it. That shit was bananas! Paul C and Ced Gee would have samples pan mixed and snatch different parts from different sides of the stereo image, which I definitely do with my beats. He was raw. Paul C, RIP. Him, Pete Rock and Timberland all revolutionized drum programming.

Listening to your beats, you can hear that you use different records of all kinds of music...What was some of the craziest shit you ever sampled?

'County Check Pimpin' was some wild Greek shit. 'Candy Razors' was some foreign chant record. 'Kill Pretty' was some retarded rock shit. 'Slick Talkin' by Tame One was the weirdest Asian record I ever heard. The cover and everything. It was bizarre, dog! I used a lotta bugged shit for this upcoming album with Celph too.

You produced for household names like Biz Markie, Akinyele, Cage,...but also produced for unknown up-and-coming artists like Access Immortal, is that important for you, to keep a balance between big names and underground artists who aren't that known?

Yeah. I try to work with household names to keep my name out and expand my audience, but I work with up-and-comers to show that I still got an ear to the ground and you never know when one of these up-and-comers is gonna blow up. I hadn't heard of Access Immortal, I knew his producer, Vanderslice. I played Access beats and he was a cool dude and I never even heard him, Vanderslice asked me to play beats and I trusted him on it. I get back the acapella for the song we did and Access was dope. I heard his album and it was real dope, it caught me by surprise. I wasn't sleepin, but most underground albums I'm not into. I liked his album though. All of a sudden people are askin me about him and there's a lil buzz on-line with his album. Now my name is attatched to the buzz. You never know when that next dude is gonna take off, so if they're dope, I'll work with an unknown.

You also engineered on a few hip-hop records fans might not be aware of, can you name some of those recordings?

I was a gofer/intern/assistant for the known records, but the records I actually engineered never came out! That's my luck. I was an intern at Power Play Studios in Queens when I was 15 years old, in 1992. I saw Akinyele's 'Vagina Diner' and Roxanne Shante's 'The Bitch Is Back' recording sessions. In 1994, when I was 17 years old, I was at Vance Wright's studio. Vance was my mentor and Slick Rick's DJ. I never met Rick cause he was in jail at the time, but I saw some sessions for Nice-N-Smooth's 'Return Of The HipHop Freaks' Remix and Grand Puba's '2000' album. I engineered a song for Greyson (from Greyson & Jasun), and Amil (yeah, that Amil from Roc-A-Fella). They did a demo together over one of my beats in 1996, but I lost the fuckin tape. That was before she was rollin with Jay-Z. I did a session with the YG'z (they were down with Pete Rock). My first record ever was when I did a beat for Preacher Earl (down with Nice-N-Smooth) called 'Fool, I Got Your Back'. It came out in 1996, I was 18 or 19 at the time.

During your internship at Powerplay Studios in 1992; who else did you bump into except for Large Pro and Akinyele?

I saw Rob Swift there. He and Ak was always playin the Ms. Pac Man arcade game in the studio lobby. I saw Kool G Rap, Grand Daddy I.U. and Roxanne Shante there workin on her album. Her son was with her and he had a big ass rope chain on! I pretty much gofered sessions for the unknowns, those two were the only sessions I saw with famous people.

What did you learn from your internship at Powerplay?

I didn't learn shit there except for how to wrap cables, run errands and clean trash cans, but I knew at that point I wanted to do music for a career. I always wanted to have a career in music, but at the time I was becoming a pretty good athlete. I played football, ran track and played basketball in high school. I was thinkin about sports a little bit cause I got a few minor looks for college, but I got a bad sports injury running track. Hospitalized for a week and the whole shit. That injury and those internships made me realize that the music is what I was meant to do.

Years later you produced for Akinyele... Did he still know you from the Powerplay days?

Naah. I was just an intern. I never even spoke to any of them except Large Pro. I asked him where he got his SP-1200. He told me they stopped makin em. Three months later I found one, it was my first real sampler.I told both Large and Ak about that internship when I met them years later and they both laughed. Neither remembered me.

You also did an internship with Vance Wright, tell us more about that experience...

That internship is where I really started to learn. I started out cleaning the studio and goin to the store for Vance and Greg Nice, but it was smaller than Power Play so Vance always gave me an hour of free studio time every day for myself, to figure out shit, make beat tapes, go through his records, whatever. That was summer 1994, so I was there five days a week from 11AM to 8PM. Vance and Mark Spark (a producer that did shit for Nice-N-Smooth, Grand Puba and Salt N Pepa) taught me how to program drums. Vance taught me all the equipment. When I started there, all I knew was the SP-1200. That was also the first time I got to meet the artists and talk to them at length. Like when Greg Nice told me about when him and Smooth B went down to the Sleeping Bag Records office and the gates were pulled down. The label folded and nobody called and told them, they just showed up to a shut down office! Those days were the best cause I was young and excited and learning shit everyday. I hated high school and was depressed about the sports injury, so goin to the studio after school and in the summer kept my spirit up. I eventually became a paid engineer and I'd do sessions all weekend and spend the money at the Roosevelt Hotel record conventions on Sundays, buying break beats and shit. Leavin flat broke! Those were the days. To be a high school senior and that was my job, workin with people all the kids my age looked up to, was crazy. I owe Vance for life.

Do you still have contact with him? What's he up to nowadays?

Yeah, I spoke to him last week. He's in Atlanta with a regular job, wife and kids. He just dabbles in the music for fun. I went down there and saw him in April. He still got better beats than most these dudes that's out.

You told me earlier you saw Greyson & Jasun...

Yeah, I still speak to them too.

What did you think of their album 'Sweatin Me Wet' ?

I love that album. I still bump that. The cover art looks real R&B style, so a lot of people slept on it, plus Atlantic sucked as a rap label back then, so it was underpromoted. That album was hard as a muthafucka.

Are they still doin music?

Greyson does video editing, Jasun still does beats. He just put out something with an artist named Sunshine. Greyson was talkin bout doin some new shit. He'll still destroy half these dudes on the mic. I made 4 demos with him back in the day. I still got 3 of em on tape. The only one I don't got is the one with Amil!

Do they have a fan club so we can order some T-shirts?

(laughs) I don't think so.

I read somewhere that you asked Milk D for a copy of Audio Two's 'First Dead Indian LP', you got it already?

Milk only had it on DAT, but he didn't have a DAT machine anymore. I was gonna go to his crib with my DAT and burn a CD, but he was busy with the Eamon tour and went outta town. I ain't spoke to him in a year, I gotta hit him up.

What's the deal exactly with that album?

That album never came out. I think their label, First Priority, had a problem with Atlantic. See? Fuck Atlantic.

Which Audio Two album do you like the most?

'I Don't Care -The Album' by far !! Love that album. In my Top 20 of all time. I got in trouble with my moms for singin the lyrics to 'Whatcha Lookin At?' around the house. 'Top Billin' was cool, but 'Get Your Mother Off The Crack' is Milk at his best!

Do you like Milk D's solo album 'Never Dated', released on American Recordings?

Hell yeah. 'Get Off My Log', 'Rude and Cocky'...classic Milk. And 'Go 2 Hell', where he don't even rhyme on the whole song. Milk is one of my biggest influences. The original arrogant brat rapper and a dope producer.

Definitely, Audio Two were excellent producers too. The beats they did for Barsha, for example, that was maaad hard!

That's what I'm sayin! 'Knockin Hiney' and 'Pimp Of The Year' by Barsha were my favorites. I also liked 'Fish Heads' by Alliance and the shit they did on the second MC Lyte album. They also had that group UBC that put out '2 All Serious Thinkers', but they fell out and UBC came out on EMI and tried to diss Audio Two on a song called 'Burning Bridges'.

What's your opinion on Ebay and the high prices you sometimes have to pay. Would you pay 200 dollars for Makeba&Skratch's 'Mental Fitness' record or even 250 or more for J Rock's 'Street Wise'?

I bought most of that shit when it dropped, but sometimes you just want a clean copy and don't wanna spend that loot. I got J Rock on vinyl and it sounds shitty cause 25 minutes per side on single vinyl. I gave the tape away like an asshole back in the day, and it never dropped on CD that I know of. So now I gotta try to burn the shitty soundin vinyl to CD to preserve it. The prices is outta control, but you can't do shit about it.

Did you ever bought something on Ebay?

Yeah, but nothing too expensive. I needed No Face's 'Wake Your Daughter Up' on CD and I spent $18.

Talkin about rare albums: I also read you got the Mob Style stuff?

Yup, I got both. 'The Good, The Bad The Ugly' on tape and 'Game Of Death' on vinyl. I got AZ's solo album, 'Streetwise', on tape. That one is so rare it don't even got a barcode. I hope they re-issue it though. 'The Good, The Bad The Ugly' is out again on CD. I'm not some elitist snob that wants everything to be rare. People should hear these albums cause they never got the props they deserved back then, so I hope they get reissued.

Any more rare records from your crates you wanna mention?

MC Sergio - 'Makin A Killin'

Royal Flush - '976-DOPE' (not the Ghetto Millionaire Royal Flush, a group from Texas)

415 - '415in'

Too Much Trouble's first 2 albums on Rap-A-Lot

All the Pretty Tone Capone (from Mob Style) 12"?s. I got a Pretty Tone Capone song on a Source Magazine sampler from 1991 that never came out officially called 'Can't Talk Too Long On The Telephone'. Classic song, and if you search the net for it, you come up with nothing.

Romeo Black - 'Chemical Warfare' b/w 'Same Old Same Old' 12"?

1-Five Posse - 'Lifestyles of The Young and Crazy'

Javier & The Str8 Jackers - 'The Hard Way' (Jermaine Dupri produced this album when he was 16 and all the beats were dope)

Anttex - 'The Corner' b/w 'Ya Open' and 'The Other Side' 12"?

C-Lo - 817 Most Wanted (not the Goodie Mob, a gangsta rap dude from Texas)

St. Ides Malt Liquor Commercials on triple vinyl

Wow! So are there any more albums you absolutely want to have in your collection?

I need Ganksta Nip's 'South park Psycho' real bad.

What was the first record you bought?

First ever? 'The Hardness Of The World' by Slave. First rap record? The 'High Rollers' single by Ice-T.

What was your first remembrance of hip-hop?

1984. New York City Breakers compilation tape. My friend Rob and I went to the store with our moms and they bought us each a copy. 'Sucker MC's' was amazing and it had 'White Lines' on there too. Those were my first two rap songs I really liked. I got into hip-hop late, cause I didn't hear 'Rapper's Delight' and all that late 70's/ early 80's shit til later. I didn't really become a rap fanatic til 1988-89. My moms bought me the 'Roxanne, Roxanne' 45" by UTFO around '85. I still got that 45". It's fried so bad it barely plays!

Let's take the time for some names, feel free to leave some comment:

Tim Dog

Responsible for my second favorite rap album ever. 'Penicillin On Wax' is classic!!!

Word. So you were a big fan of Timster but also a big fan of West Coast gangsta rap. Was it hard to choose between Eazy and Tim?

Yeah man, I loved em both! I was more into Tim Dog than Eazy back then, but over the years it evened out.

Freshco & DJ Miz

I met DJ Miz and did a show with him in Australia. He spun for me. I was honored and in shock. Him, DJ Alladdin and DJ Scratch are my favorite DJ's to this day. I got footage of Freshco & Miz on MTV Raps in 1990 with Ed Lover & Doctor Dre. Miz kept buggin me for it, but I wouldn't give it up!

King T

He called me at 4 in the morning the other day, drunk as hell (laughs). He was givin me props for 'Heavy Metal' with Al-Shid, from my last album. He put it on his new mixtape and he was drunk and raving about it! Gotta love Teela, he's a muthafuckin legend. 'The Triflin Album' is a major inspiration for me to this day, and I was happy to have him on 'Sick Of Bein' Rich'. Dream come true.

Devin The Dude

Another underrated legend. I grew up on his shit too. The Odd Squad was my shit in high school. All his solo albums are brilliant. And he's the coolest, most down to earth dude. He picked a beat from me for his next album, I hope it gets used. I hope he gets a platinum album soon, cause if he don't, it's more proof that the rap game is dead and buried.

Steady B

Ironically, I think Steady B's 'V' is his best album. I love that album. I guess it didn't sell cause he had to do bank jobs. I listened to his C.E.B. album with Cool C, last week. C.E.B. probably stood for 'Casing Every Bank'!

Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud

Superlover Cee was underrated and so dope on the mic. His flow was raw!!! And their beats was hittin. 'Girls I Got Em Locked' was a classic album and the 'Romeo' single was one of my favorite 12"?s ever, but the 'Blow Up Da Spot' EP sucked.


Tony Tone! That's my dog, I know him personally. I spoke to him on the phone and I started quotin shit from the 'In Tone We Trust' album and he was buggin! He goes by T.O.N.E. now and he's still doin music. I chilled at his crib in the Bronx once, and we went to New Jersey to visit Hollywood Impact (he produced all the Style, King Sun and Twin Hype shit). I lost his numbers when I lost my cel, I gotta get at him.

Kid N Play

Just because I was a real light skinned black dude with a hi-top fade in junior high school, people used to call me Kid. Especially after 'House Party' came out. So I cut my hair to a gumby instead so people would shut up. Their 'Funhouse' album had some beats on it.

Rated X (the group on Tandem Rec)

You got me on that one. I never heard em.

Joeski Love

Never liked him.

Willie D

Yes!!! Everything he ever did is classic to me. All three solo albums, the Geto Boys, all that shit. He was rude as hell and would kick your ass because he was a boxer, but he was also a real intelligent dude. I still wanna do a song with him.

Robin Givens

Gold diggin tramp ass bitch, but she is so fine. I had a crush on her when she was on the 'Head Of The Class' TV show. And in 'Boomerang' I'd marry that bitch, but she did Tyson wrong.

Lucy Liu

I gave up the crush I had on her, but I'd still marry her. She's too fine. Just give me 4 minutes with her, that's all I need. 4 minutes.

Alicia Keys

She could get the Zonestroke too, but I'm not into her music.

Jada Pinkett

I'll put it on Jada too. And what's Will gonna do about it? He thinks he can beat Mike Tyson, but he can't beat me!

You performed in Amsterdam and Paris, but I believe you've never been to Belgium. People are waiting!

Hook it up!

We're the land of French Fries and chocolate. And we also have the best beers in the world, but you're not really into brew, right? What do you prefer instead?

A glass of rum and a Belgian Waffle.

I'm eager to make one myself; what exactly is in a Long Island Iced Tea?

It has five different liquors in it. Vodka, tequila, rum, gin and triple sec. Then add sweet and sour mix and Coca Cola. Just one will get you fucked up!

You call yourself the Tom Jones of Rap. Engelbert Humperfunk (who's responsible for the funk record reviews) wonders why you didn't pick his idol, Engelbert Humperdinck It's because of the 'What's New Pussycat' song right?

Naah, cause Grand Puba already mentioned Engelbert Humperdink on 'All For One'!

Humperfunk is a funk addict and most of the hip-hop he listens to is based on funk music like Redman, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Son Of Bazerk, X-Clan, Stezo... You being a big funk fan, does that go for you too, do you rather listen to funk inspired hip-hop?

Yup. I never liked that smooth mellow shit. Nothin better than a raw funk loop. I didn't start makin funk type beats till 'A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work'. Humperfunk will love the 'Bo$$ Hog Barbarians' album.

I'm sure he will. So how's your grandma Evil-E doin?

Chillin, drivin me crazy.

What music does she listens to?

Brotha Lynch Hung. Naah, she doesn't listen to music, she just watches TV.

Do you sometimes play the song 'Funky Granny' (by Kool and The Gang) for her?

No, but I think of her everytime I hear 'Funky Granny'.

What's your favorite Kool and The Gang records:

'Music Is The Message', 'Kool & The Gang' (the first one) and 'Good Times'.

Your favorite Kool and The Gang breaks:

Breaks? Probably 'Give It Up', 'Breeze & Soul', 'Chocolate Buttermilk', 'Music Is The Message', 'The Frog', 'Rated X', 'Let The Music Take Your Mind', 'Come Together' and 'Superband'. Everybody loves NT'. I like 'NT' a lot, but not as much as these.

Your favorite James Brown breaks:

'Time Is Running Out', 'Mind Power', 'Get Up, Get Into It', 'Soul Pride' and 'I Can't Stand It '74"

Your favorite J-Zone record:

Album: 'A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work'.
Song: 'Rockaway & Crenshaw' Feat. Eazy-E from the Gimme Dat Beat Fool remix album.

Your favorite First Priority records:

Audio Two - 'I Don't Care - The Album'
Kings Of Swing - 'Strategy'
First Priority - 'Basement Flavor Compilation'
MC Lyte - 'Eyes On This'
Barsha - 'Barsha's Explicit Lyrics'

Your favorite Rap-A-Lot records:

Scarface - 'Mr. Scarface Is Back'
Too Much Trouble - 'Player's Choice'
Odd Squad - 'Fadanuffaerybody'
Ganksta Nip - 'South Park Psycho'
Geto Boys - 'We Can't Be Stopped'

Your favorite Rhyme Syndicate records:

Ice-T - 'O.G-Original Gangster'
Ice-T - 'Power'
Ice-T - 'Freedom of Speech'
Divine Styler - 'Word Power'
Donald D - 'Let The Horns Blow'

Your favorite LL Cool J records:

Album: 'Mama Said Knock You Out'
Song: 'I'm Bad' (from Bigger & Deffer album)

Your favorite Kool G Rap records:

Album: 'Wanted Dead Or Alive'
Song: 'Talk Like Sex'
Verse: 'Break A Bitch Neck' (with Akinyele)

Your favorite Beatnuts records:

Album: 'The Beatnuts'
Song: 'Story' (from Intoxicated Demons EP)

Your favorite Fat Boy:


Your favorite Skinny Boy:

The one all the way to the left on the 'Skinny & Proud' album cover.

Your favorite Bizzie Boy:

Never got into em.

Your favorite Boogie Boy:

See Bizzie Boy answer.

Your favorite Wu-Tang Clanner:

ODB baby!!! RIP

Your favorite X-Clanner:

Brother J. He's incredible and mad slept on.

Your favorite Poison Clanner:

JT Money the Bitchizer, of course!

Your favorite hip-hop album covers:

C-Lo - '817 Most Wanted'
Big Tymers - 'How U Love That?'
Bustdown - 'Nasty Bitch'
J-Zone - 'A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work' and 'Music For Tu Madre' (US pressing)
Master P - 'Mama's Bad Boy'
2 Live Crew - 'Sports Weekend'
Ice-T - 'Power'

What are you listening to right now?

Terminator X & The Valley Of The Jeep Beets and Da Lench Mob's 'Guerillas In The Mist LP'.

You wrote for a few hip-hop magazines like Fatlace Magazine (famous for its reconstruction of Steady B and Cool C's robbery, your interview with Vance Wright and the item 'Cookin with Diamond Shell'). Does that magazine still exist?

Fatlace is dead as far as I know.

Are you still writing for a magazine and if so, if we wanted you to do a column about 'hoodrats, doo rags and hairstyles throughout hip-hop history' and an interview with K-Dee (author of the 'Ass, Gass or Cash: Nobody Rides for free album) how much should we have to pay you?

I don't write for anybody now, except for Bounce, which is Bobbito Garcia's basketball magazine. No music mags though. If you can find me the Ganksta Nip album or the First Dead Indian album, I'll do it.

I'll start diggin right now. Thanks a lot J-Zone!

Word up.


POSTED 07|15|2005
conducted by cpf & wulf

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