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Dutch Massive The new age Native Tongue He who made a song about his walkman, full-time romanticizer and formerly a part of the Equilibrium crew with Majik Most and Celph Titled, Dutchmassive, has just released an 'Album In Between Albums' entitled 'Project: REACH' with various productions and previously released and/or unreleased tracks. A great opportunity for the people who have yet to discover this Tampa Bay native to get acquainted with his feel-good, jazzy hip-hop... But first, to get fully introduced: this interview.


What is your earliest hip-hop memory?

Not my earliest, but my most vivid and powerful memory would have to be late night, like 12 - 2am, watching ?YO! MTV Raps?. The first time I saw and heard Gang Starr's ?Mass Appeal?, I literally fell in love at that moment in time. That was also the same night I learned how to cheat the system. I rigged my father?s stereo equipment to the VCR and began recording videos to audio tapes (laughs).

(laughs) So how did you stumble into hip-hop yourself?

I began freestyling in 7th grade to myself and by myself. 8th grade, I Joined the Marching Band, and was the token white drummer. I became lead snare, sometimes I?d rather play the quads, but before and after school, the drummers would hold practice sessions, which just turned into freestyle sessions. These later matured into battles. I stopped drawing comic book ish and started to write lyrics....

You used to be in a crew called Equilibrium. Please tell us more about that era.

Equilibrium consisted of Celph Titled, Majik Most and myself, Dutchmassive, also Dj Kramtronix. Majik and I were just recording songs on a karaoke machine to other people?s beats. I met Celph Titled through a mutual friend, Moodswing9 of Live Poets. He sent me some beats on-line, then Majik and I met up with him at his place of work and we connected from there! We recorded a full length album titled ?Tropic States? and only released a few 12"s. Long story short, that era was amazing, fun and full of hard work and dedication...then we all went to do solo ish.

What kept Equilibrium from releasing the highly anticipated group album?

Honestly, it?s not ?what?, it is who kept the album under wraps. Celph didn't feel the album was polished enough for the public ear. Majik and I drilled him for years to let us release it ! Now we are all glad we didn't!

Could you say Celph Titled is like a mentor for you? Or what would his role be in your career?

If it wasn't for Celph, I wouldn't be as established as I am today. What I mean by that is; he really took on all aspects of the music, from writing, making beats, recording, mixing and releasing ish himself.... Celph taught me how to be self-sufficient and I can?t thank him enough for that.

Are there any other crew affiliations we should know about?

I am in a production group with a lot of talented beat smith's called Beat Fanatic (Slopfunkdust, Illmind, M-Phazes, Mo0, Mekkadon, etc.) just to name a few. Also working a lot with Will Widdoss, Jazz Addixx / Soul Expansion, Buff1 and Cliffnotes of Athletic Mic League and a bunch of others.... but Dutch is just a solo artist. (smiles)

Being from Tampa, how has living there or the scene over there influenced you? Would you be a much different emcee if you were from another place?

I have no idea how to really answer the question, because Tampa really is all I know as of now, I haven't really toured or anything yet. I guess all I can say is I love where I'm at. I'm happy with my music and I guess it?s a product of my environment. Now the hip-hop scene here, it?s getting better, but people never set their goals out of the city, it makes me sad.

Why did it take such a long time for you to release your solo debut full length ?Junk Planet 2000??

I spent a lot of time working to pay for studio time and what not, and then it took a while for Celph to do his parts in polishing it up. In the end, I wasn't picky with who was going to release it, which ended up being the biggest upset in my life to date.

And are you happy with how ?Junk Planet? was received?

I am extremely happy with the feedback I get from the album. People say it?s their favourite, it?s classic and that I helped them get through the day. Nothing feels better than that. Now on the flip side with the label (Freshchest), let?s just say I would have been better off selling CD-R's rather than having an album in almost every major store across the globe and never, ever, ever receiving a single payment or update. For more info on this issue listen to Supastition, as he felt the same affects from the same unethical label.

What was the concept/idea behind the Junk Planet album?

JUNK PLANET! It was my world at the time. It was my own little space in the audio time-line. I wanted the album to be exactly that, an ?Album? from front to back, no skipping, I believe I achieved that. So I feel good about the final product...well.... almost! Be on the lookout for ?Junk Planet - The Classic Revisit? some time in the far future (laughs). (Pause) Junk Planet is my thank you letter to the artists, producers, and fans before me, so I say once again.thank you!


You just released ?Project: REACH?. Why do people need that album? Give us 5 reasons:

1) Classic. 2) Jazzy. 3) Feel Good. 4) Boom-Bap. 5) Masterpiece.

Can you compare Junk Planet to your new project?

?Junk Planet? is dope, and I am very proud of that album for sure, but it is the product of a child growing into a man. ?Project: REACH? is the product of a man, I am proud to release every second of this project to the public. I can?t say the same for ?Junk Planet?, hence the ?Classic Revisit?.

Tell us more about ?Project: REACH?. Is that actually your sophomore album or rather a mix tape kind of thing?

Well, it?s a collection of songs but it transitions from track to track like an actual album, flawless and ear-friendly. Well, say it?s an ?Album Between Albums?. Although I did rock a few of my favourite beats of all time in which I shouldn't have legally rhymed over, (laughs) so call it mix tape for that reason!

It?s released on Domination Rec.

Yeah and thanks to my homie DJ Fisher it has sold about 6 billion copies so far, making this interview from the moon possible.

Where can people buy it?

You can purchase it from Dutch!


If we ask you to tell us something we probably don't want to know, what would you answer?

I'm a huge John Mayer fan! But so is Questlove?! So ha!

What does a day in the life of Dutchmassive look like?

Listen to ?Junk Planet? first, front to back, then: ?Project: REACH? front to back, and you will have a vivid picture of my life.

Are you besides a contributor to hip-hop, also a fan?

I am a fan first, I love music.so much...it moves me in ways you can?t imagine, classic hip-hop still gives me goose bumps, and the new age underground ish is on some next level ish. We truly are the future and it?s hella bright!! Also my girl just recently put me onto to deep house music, it?s so soulful and upbeat, I'm in love with it! But Dutch likes to dance! I don't play the wall, and that's something most hip-hop kids do too much of. I'm always in the middle, no matter what genre of music is on!

Who are your earliest hip-hop idols and in what way did they influence you?

A Tribe Called Quest, The Nonce, Gang Starr, this isn't fair. You know what, I?ll do you one better, come here.yes, YOU reading this ishness! Visit me right after this interview at www.myspace.com/dutchmassive and scroll down...you can see the list for yourself!

What artists make you go running to the record store the day his/her/their new album drops?

Common, Pharrell, Outkast, Dilla, De La, Busta Rhymes, etc..... Man, I spend a lot of money on music.

If you ever had one, when is the last time you had a writer's block and did you know why you got stuck?

Ha! I always have writer?s blocks, because I do not like to write for the hell of it anymore. I wanna say something that means something, so when it comes to me, it comes to you! Right now, I?ve had this track by a super-talented producer by the name of Take, I?ve had this beat since March 2005! My deadline is way past due like six times over, but it will finally be done this week...look out for that! Take is one of my top friends on Myspace: listen and enjoy!

You also produce. How do you look at yourself as a hip-hop artist: mainly producer or emcee?

I am great at both I?d like to think. I would love to sing and also play instruments as well, I am only 25, you see. Dutchmassive might stop doing music at 30, but Dutch VonEpp Ziegler will be making music on his death bed!

Do you consider yourself more like an artist, a performer/entertainer or a musician?

Musician! I do not like to perform or entertain. I love to create and play with sounds and I love to speak my mind and place them together. All that other ish gets the gas face!

What can we expect from Dutchmassive in the future?

I guess you'll have to keep an eye on me, and how else could you keep an eye on your favourite musician, cat, friend, co-worker, etc. Then Myspace! So with no further delays I will once more and finally leave with a shameless promotion. WWW.MYSPACE.COM/DUTCHMASSIVE!


Please, name...

- Three things that inspire your lyrics:
Fresh air, the season of Fall and serious emotional moments good and/or bad.

- Places your encouraged by to start writing:
By the pool or hot tub, the parks, or at work instead of doing work!

- Things that can disturb your sleep:
(laughs) This is a Trick question! There is no disturbing Mr. Mellow, Purchase ?Music 2 Sleep To?... if you have those kinds of issues!

- Things that make you go scratch the back of your head:
Mosquito's, a bad haircut and/or freshly grown neck hair...Clean it up!!! I'll clean up that neck for $2. On a side note, I think going around the mall and cleaning up people?s neck hair for a living would be dope! Yeah yeah.

- Three females you'd like to get it poppin with (if necessary at the same time):
My Butterfly Girl (Do some research on that one!) I plead the 5th on the other 2!

- Four places you want to perform at:
At Rootstock in Tampa, FL, anywhere in Cali, anywhere in Japan, and what up France!

- Two people that made you recently laugh out loud:
The Soup Nazi from ?Seinfeld? and The Billionaire Nerd from Bench Warmers (chuckles).

- Some emcees you'd like to get a feature on your next album:
My next few albums are already in the process, no more room for guest spots. Be on the lookout for ?Romanticizing? - ?Music 2 Sleep To? - ?The Hobbyshop Hero presents March Of The Goonies?. All before 2007! (Laughs) I hope!

Any shout outs?

I?d like to thank the almighty Creator himself...Tom... where would music be without Myspace! (laughs) No seriously, the last time I did shout-out?s, I lost my girlfriend of eight years. ?True Story?. Anyone wanna pay me for the original ?Project: REACH? covers. The collector?s item that closed and opened doors in my life, my greatest loss, and biggest blessing all in one...So I guess...Thanks Dutch... you?re the greatest. Thank you for keeping his music alive! Peace.

Peace Dutch!


POSTED 10|01|2006
conducted by cpf

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