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Dooley-O Watch his moves 'I got reservations, dinner and a limo but yo ass wanna stay home with Jay Leno', Dooley complains in the anti-sofa potato-girlfriends anthem 'Soaps', from his latest 'I Gotcha' album, released on Lewis Recordings. Dooley is th?t rapper/producer from Connecticut, putting back the fun in hip-hop and makin his music with a vintage passion for breaks. After all, he discovered the legendary Skull Snaps break.

Wassup Dooley?

Just chillin like Matt Dillon, laid back like Pat Sajack.

The album ?I Gotcha? is out since a few months. How is the response so far?

Don?t know yet, no tour yet, couple of shows. Good mag exposure but not enough, so I guess it?s still floating not enough that people in the US know about it, but hey.

How did you feel about the album, it being the first one of not-earlier released material?

I put my heart into ?I Gotcha? because this was my shot to let heads know there are still some true b-boys out there.

Were you more nervous for the reactions than with the first album?

Yeah, I expected too much from ?Watch My Moves? and ?I Gotcha? as well, but with no manager or someone out there to help besides the label, shit can die quick I guess.

What exactly happened at Tavdash with your first album being shelved?

Well, the deal with Tavdash is that the owner was just interested in paying us than putting it out. I probable made 20,000 from that label without wax. The owner David Hyatt got locked up but dude was good to us and when he had R Kelly and sold him to Jive, the focus turned to R&B. He even had the Bar Kays, K Def and Larry-O, Joe the Barber and my man Rythm.

There was a KGB album too right?

Well just a ton of four tracks, so we?re cleaning four track tapes.

Tell us more about KGB...

It was me, Rythm, Chris Lowe, Doc Terroe, Birdy Fly, Xtra, the late Mello Bee (rest in peace) and Jim Slice.

You made a record under the name Junior Culture called ?Culture Is Talking? does it still float around somewhere?

I haven?t seen that anywhere, I got my copy, and that?s that.

You released a mix CD ?Beat Segment?. What was the main motivation behind that?

Well, just putting my thing out there and that label is jerking my chain.

It is called after a TV-show right?

Yeah, I used to do an Access Channel show in ?93 and me and Chris Lowe would just play breaks. I still got VHS tapes and I will drop those two.

Could you recount us the finding of the ?It?s A New Day? break (by Skull Snaps) shortly?

Well, we found that break at my neighbour?s house Mrs Brown had joints, Skull Snaps was there and Stezo got hold of it.

Are you still in contact with Stezo?

Not really. We got old history issues but we cool, too old to be sweatin shit.

Will he make a return to the game?

Hmmm...that?s up to him to decide.

What did you do exactly on the ?Crazy Noise? album?

The title track, which was a song I gave to Stezo. And the second verse on ?Talkin Sense? where it starts with people talkin about a ritual séance... ?To The Max? was a track that I had on 45” and he wanted to rock it ?Skull Snaps? drums only. Chris Lowe, Paul C and Doug Lazy and Stezo did a few tracks.

Can we expect some stuff from Chris Lowe anytime soon?

Yeah, he?s got a new EP out. Chris? shit is tight, don?t sleep! Well put it like this: we should be out there more but I gotta say it like this: we need some white boys in our corner.

How did you hook up with Cut Chemist?

At the GoodLife in Cali, an open mic spot in ?92. This group stepped of stage and I asked Charlie Tuna who did the tracks, and he said Cut, the dude with dreads. After that, we talked and we went out to the Pasadena flea market and other spots. Those were some good times. I was findin shit I couldn?t find in Connecticut. When I came back to CT, Xtra and Chris was like what?s in the trunk and I smiled and said ?funk, nigga?.

You lived out West, how would you compare the East Coast to the West Coast?

The West got a better hip-hop scene. A lot of real heads out there, b-boys and b-girls...

Your stuff was released through Stones Throw, Solid Records, Female Fun and Lewis Rec, how come all these different labels?

Well until I see one label doin the damn thing, then I won?t jump around so much,the only ones I?m not dealin with would be Solid or Stones Throw. At this time, I?m still down with Female Fun cause Pete (Agoston, ed.) always tries to get me gigs in NY. I like Lewis (founder of Lewis Recordings, ed.) a lot, great guy and they seem pretty fair with me.

How did you hook up with Lewis Rec, an English label?

I sent them a demo.

Have you ever been to England?

No, but hopefully I start touring in October, but I should?ve of been there already..

What rap artists do you listen to nowadays?

Aaaah, Slum Village new joint, Little Brother ?Chittlin Circuit?, People Under The Stairs. Giant Panda, Sadat X.

Rap rules in 2006 or Rap sucks in 2006?

Well depends for me. I?m not interested in any booty club sell drugs crap. It?s killin the minds of not just blacks but of all youth, everybody is too hard.

What?s your favourite soap operas?

?General hospital? and evening soaps like ?Desperate Housewives?, and ?Greys Anotomy?

What you know about hip-hop?

I was there when it started.

Which way is up?

God, then getting legit money.

If you had to choose between one of the hip-hop elements, which one would you choose?

Graffiti, because art never dies or gets played out.

What do you look for ...

In a record?

I like workin with basslines and some grooves.

In a woman?

A job and she being mad cool, no headaches.

In a meal?

Sweet spices.

When you enter a bar?

Atmosphere, music, then chicks.

When you enter a record shop?

The wall can kinda tell you what?s good and stock.

When you wake up?

A pretty face.

What are your future plans?

New EP on S.O.D Records and hopefully a new manager and some tours and a new single from the LP ?I Gotcha? called ?I Wish?.

Any shout-outs?

Big up to UK, Belgium and other countries for taken the culture to another level and to Platform for recognizing the real.

Thanks a lot, Dooley!


POSTED 04|12|2006
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