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DJ Fakts One Back With A Vengeance He might not appear on your list of best hip-hop producers, but Boston beatmaker/DJ Fakts One has everything it takes to be on that list. He's been making and spinning music since the 90's, developed his own production style, and worked with the best of them. One of 'them': Akrobatik. When the latter was hospitalized last year, something triggered Fakts, who got off the radar in the meanwhile, to return to music. His 'comeback album' became the collabo 'Second Chances' with Alias.

A single of the album is 'Sorry'. For what do you want to apologize?

We don't apologize for shit! It was a song done in a real sarcastic tone. Once people started finding out Alias and I was back on the scene doing tracks and all that, the first question I always heard was 'Where you been?" We decided to have some fun with it.

You're asking for a second chance...will you get a second chance?

I already got it, and not asking for it. Just making it happen.

Tell us about Alias and working with him"?

Alias and I go way back. We've been friends for a minute since before I even started producing so we work well together. No egos, no limitations, and its always funny than a muthafucker. Probably one of the craziest dudes I know, crazy funny.

How did Alias get in Onyx video?

The homie Myster DL -who shot our video for 'Dreamer'- hooked that up. He's a beast. Dude does so many music videos. He needed some extras for the Onyx video he was shooting, so he reached out to Alias. A lot of Alias' footage made the final cut because he puts his everything into video shoots. Lots of MC's are content with standing around looking tough in video's, not him. He's very visual and actually has come up with most of our video concepts we've put out. Real multi-talented dude. Probably could do the actor thing if he pursued it.

Working with a label like Brick Records - with their experience- is priceless right? How's your bond with them?

Real good. Those guys were the first people to put me on a record ('The Rebel Alliance' LP, ed.) and the first to take me outside the US, so it felt good to bring them this record. I've been credited on a few of their releases over the years so working with them is a comfortable situation. Given my past label experiences I needed to work with people I trust.

How do you see your JWay Media label evolving?

'Second Chances' is the first proper release so it's been a learning experience to say the least. A lot more work than I expected but I love learning. I didn't really have a goal or plan other than just being hands on with my video and music projects but it's taken on a life of its own. I have a few partners who've come on board and we'll see what happens.


You were raised in the Roxbury area. So Ed OG and Guru were huge influences right?

I'm younger than them so I always looked up to those two. They're legends hands down. I was too young to be in the clubs and shows but I was always that little kid hanging around the radio station outside when they were around.

You were a tour DJ for Edo G"?

We used to have the same management for a while so they hooked it up. Edo took me on my first full scale US bus tour with him and a couple tours of Europe. Priceless moments and experiences I'll never forget.

TDS Mob, Almighty RSO, Top Choice Clique...how do you remember that strong early Boston scene?

Aww, that's waaay before my time. I was a shorty when those guys were getting it but I definitely listened to and respected all of them. Some of the other local cats that influenced me were Exile Society, Krush One, D Nestle Quick, DJ Ninja B, Madsol Desar and his crew, a lot of ill cats Boston heads know.


You have a tape collection. We also still have our tape collection but haven't digitized it yet. You did?

Yeah, a bunch of it. Mostly because I wanted to archive my old radio show on WERS. Lots of people collect tapes but all of a sudden it's been becoming the 'trendy' thing to do. Shout to legit collectors and enthusiasts like TapeKingz and Strictly Cassette.

We saw you have KMD's 'Peach Fuzz' 12"? on tape. What other jewels do you have?

I got some shit. My favourite joints are cassette singles and old radio shows. Singles are 'illy', because they have remixes and versions that sometimes ain't even on the vinyl. Some of my most prized joints are Stretch & Bobbito WKCR tapes though. I'm still hunting for records and songs they played years ago man, them dudes were killing it.

We used to have a tape deck in our car until just a few years ago. Do you?

(laughs) No. I got like four iPods though.

So what set-up do you have in your car?

You trying to have fools breaking in my shit? I can't tell you about my system. Shit is real out here - dudes will steal your shit. (laughs)



The press release of your previous effort 'The Chop Show' states Many thought he'd never be heard from again - but Fakts is back with a vengeance. Akrobatik had some health problems. Did that experience had something to do with you coming back with a vengeance?

Yeah it did. That's probably the single most important reason I got back at it. I love Akro like a big brother, man. Real shit. When he went down, it made me think of all the times and memories we had together, with the Perceptionists, not to mention individually. I started to think about legacies and what that means. How our kids will see us, how fans see us, all that shit. He made me realize that life is a gift and that I don't have time to waste. I thank him for that and I'm proud to be a part of his new single 'Alive' dropping October 2nd.

You play reggae at your bbq's. It's obviously also an influence for your production style right, with the groovy drums, rhythms"?

Hell yeah! Reggae is mostly about the drums and bass, just like hip-hop. I listen to lots of culture tunes and dub. The sounds those dudes made are like fucking amazing. They did analog what it takes software to do now digitally. Super 'tuff'!

We're no gamers. Convince us though. What's great about Madden?

Man (laughs) I don't play that shit like that anymore. I'm too busy. Only reason I even have video games in the crib is for my son. The great thing about it though is that it's a dead on simulation for the sport of American football, which you know I love. Patriots are my squad always. We've been down but on the way back up. Got a few young G's on the defence, so this NFL season should be interesting.


JWAY all day..shout to you for the interview. Respect.


POSTED 09|27|2012
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