Summer Of 89: 5 Refreshing Albums

It’s 1989. A long hot summer. Boris Becker wins Wimbledon, Greg LeMond finishes first in the Tour de France, and Mili Vanili tops the pop charts.

These refreshing rap records are a welcome breeze of fresh air:

Hot Day AKA Dante – ‘It’s My Turn’ – Tuff City

To describe this album is like describing the summer of 1989: hot. Fresh off the group Super Kids, and before joining Poet (of Screwball fame) in the group PHD, Hot Day dropped his solo on Tuff City. Guest artist is a certain MC Cor, now known as Cormega.


K-Cloud & MC Valentine – ‘We’re Here To Stay’ – Cloud9

No they weren’t. But the cover is eternal. With a bass here and there, you could mistake their background for Miami. But they’re from Oakland. Don’t be mislead by the easy-going, philosophical track ‘Kickin It On The Dock Of The Bay’ either: the record holds some heavy breaks and steady braggin. Check this radio interview with M.C. Valentine.


Redhead Kingpin & the FBI – ‘A Shade Of Red’ – Atlantic

In 1977, New York had its Summer of Sam. In 1989, it was Jack who ruled Summer. The album’s hit single ‘Do The Right Thing’ had the streets of the Big Sweaty Apple dancing. New Jack Swing was king.


Breeze – ‘The Young Son Of No One’ – Atlantic

No summer without a fresh breeze from the West Coast. L.A. Posse rapper Breeze dropped this fun, funky album with really great production and on-point, natural rappin. Breeze featured on the West Coast remix of Nas’ ‘Where Are They Now’ (2008),while Redhead Kingpin featured in the 80’s remix.

Breeze - The Young Son of No One

Freeze Factor – ‘Chill’ – Epic
Well yeah, ‘Don’t Turn Back’ is corny. And yes, there were a lot of records that were better in 1989. But flaws are allowed, certainly in the Summer. ‘Chill’ has laid-back tunes, danceable tracks and overall good rhymes: a cocktail that serves well when it’s hot.


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cpf • August 9, 2014

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