5 L.A. Symphony Tracks

15 years after their ‘Composition N° 1′, West Coast collective L.A. Symphony celebrate their recording career with a new album. During that period, they worked  with a plethora of artists from Prince Paul to will.i.am and Posdnuos. Their last release dated from 2007.

Since then, a comeback had been rumoured about. Especially after their performance on the Paid Dues Festival.

L.A. Symphony is CookBook, Sareem Poems, UNO Mas, Flynn Adam, Joey the Jerk, Gr. JsnBeits, Pigeon John and bTwice.

Here’s a selection of five great tracks from their catalogue:

‘Broken Tape Decks’
(off ‘Call It What You Want’ LP)

‘Mr What D Heck’
(off ‘Composition N° 1)

 ft. DJ Rhettmatic (off ‘Disappear Here’ LP)

‘King Kong’
(off the ‘Baloney’ EP)

‘Love For The Art’ ft. AWOL One (off ‘Unleashed’)




la symphony

cpf • December 16, 2014

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