5 Great Rap Video’s From 1985

Fat Boys – All You Can Eat

Classic video by one of our all-time fav crews, The Fat Boys. The visual effects are legendary and Buffy scratchin those huge records is monumental. Ha, ha ha…


Run DMC – King Of Rock

We’re greedy when it comes to the Fat Boys. For us they are the heavyweights of that era. But let’s face it: while Fat Boys were the kings of the pizza bar, Run DMC were the kings of rap at that moment.

Bad Boys & K-Love – Bad Boys

Not the Fat Boys, but the Bad Boys from Brooklyn. If you were a child in that era, you know that Inspector Gadget ruled the world in 1985. Rap picked up the Gadget trend with several artists sampling the series’ theme song. Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick on ‘The Show’. The illustre Kartoon Krew on ‘Inspector Gadget’ and these Bad Boys who released this 12″ on Starlite Records.


Dana Dane – Nightmares

Buffy and Hurby, they could make beats like no other. Buffy with his mouth, Hurby with lis Luv machine. In 1985, the latter produced Dana Dane’s debut ‘Dana Dane With Fame’. Despite the hating -a fake Slick Rick- we dug Dane and his fake Cockney accent. Just like we dig Halloween rap songs.


Jazzy Jeff – King Heroin

And of course: when we say Halloween rap tracks, you think of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince ‘A Nightmare On My Street’. Which takes us to the other ‘Jazzy Jeff’, formerly a member of Funky 4 + 1. The track is dope and the video shows a raw image of The Bronx in the mid eighties. From his LP ‘On Fire’, but also released as a Funky 4 + 1 joint.


PS: did we mention we’re big fans of The Fat Boys? Another phat video is ‘All You Can eat’ from the Krush Groove soundtrack.

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cpf • May 9, 2014

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