5 Great ‘Classical’ Rap Songs

On August 5, Amp Live drops the album ‘Headphone Concerto’, an ode to classical concerto. Hip-hop and classical music have been good ol’ friends, in worse – think A+’s ‘Enjoy Yourself‘ – and good times: think EPMD, Nas, Jedi Mind Tricks,…

Here’s 5 more tracks with echoes from an era when classical music was revolutionary. Maybe the main reason why these two genres blend so well.

Cunninlynguists – Lynguistics

The East Flatbush Project ft. Ruste Juxx – Ruste Juxx


Edan – Key Bored

Atmosphere – The River


Busdriver – Imaginary Places


Bonus video: watch and learn A+:

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cpf • July 18, 2014

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