5 Extra Smooth Albums From 1994

Twenty years ago Nas dropped ‘Illmatic’ and made the world his. But 1994 was more: The Beatnuts dropped their debut ‘Street Level’, O.C. released his first album, the iconic ‘Word…Life’ and Biggie rapped himself unto immortality with ‘Ready To Die’.

1994 was a defining year for many last-long rap talents.

At the same time, it was ‘the year of smooth’. Sit back, relax. With laid-back, jazzy records. Common’s ‘Ressurection’ for one, but also:

Odd Squad – Fadanuf Fa Erybody

In the shadows of The Geto Boys -one bigger than the other- The Odd Squad made noise on Rap-A-Lot Records with their one and only release ‘Fadanuf Fa Erybody’. Scarface -not the movie charachter but the rapper and Southside hero- named the album the best of off Rap-A-Lot. Devin The Dude and buddies Rob Quest and Jugg Mugg hook up after an infamous talent show in 1989. Five years later this album dropped: a smooth and groovey work of art with entertaining tales of smoking weed and the opposite sex.

K-Dee – Ass, Gas Or Cash

Under the auspieces of his protege, Ice Cube, K-Dee released the magnificent ‘Ass, Gas Or Cash’ with the brilliant subtitle ‘No One Rides For Free’. G-funk with a grand ‘G’, with indelible tracks such as ‘Make The Music’, ‘Gigolos Get Lonely Too’ and ‘Thought I Saw A Pussy Cat’ with Bootsy Collins.

Saafir – Boxcar Sessions

Jazz samples were huge in 1994. On Saafir’s ‘Boxcar Sessions’, they were flipped ingeniously. Amidst a wave of gangsta rap, the Oakland rapper kicked abstract battle rhymes over multi-layered production by Hobo Junction. In 2002 the Saucee Nomad dropped a string of tunes that did not appear on the record:  ‘Unreleased Boxcar Sessions‘. Despite being confined to the weel chair, Saafir is still making music.

Ahmad – Back In The Days

18-year old L.A. rapper Ahmad made waves with the album’s single and reached a plausible ranking in the billboards. But this is just a great, mellow and funky record overall. Smell the summer.

Extra Profilic – Like It Should Be

Not a rapper but a group, Snupe and A-Plus took notice for the most smoothed out Hieroglyphics records of all times. A pitch slower than most Hiero records, but the production is quintessential 1994.


cpf • July 28, 2014

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