5 Cassettes For Your Tape Deck

We love cassettes. Mix tapes introduced us to hip-hop. The sleepless nights, when we taped our fav radio shows, are countless.

Anno 2014, cassettes are fighting their way back into the music market. Forget vinyl if you want to be hip.

And on September 27th, it’s cassette store day!

Check out these 5 recently released tapes you need to cop:

Souls Of Mischief – ‘There Is Only Now’

For the first release on his Linear Labs label, Adrian Younge released this limited edition tape.

Includes the album, the instrumental version and a remix version by ATCQ’s Ali Shaheed Muhammed.



Blu w/ Bombay – ‘Good To Be Home’

Almost every Blu album has a tape version. So his latest effort had to have one too. Two tapes in a box, two artists with an album that knocks.



MF Doom – ‘Operation Doomsday’

‘Operation Doomsday’ exists in several forms and formats. But this is one of the dopest releases of Metalface’s classic record. Includes a tape with the instrumentals, b-sides and alternate versions.



Sage Francis – ‘Copper Gone’

Love that cyan and copper combination, the contrast between the colour of the tape and the cover. Love that album too, by the way…



Luv NY – ‘The Snake Tape’


This is Walkman material: Kool Keith , AG of DITC, Kurious, Dave Dar, L-Fudge and Lord Tariq take you on a journey through The Big Apple. Side B contains bonus material in the form of remixes by The King of Chill , Billy Gomez , Phil Moffa & DJ Cresstal.

EDIT 26/9:

Guilty Simpson & Oh No – ‘The Simpson Tape’


Check it

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cpf • September 5, 2014

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