5 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2015

Action Bronson – ‘Mr Wonderful’


‘My mother calls me Mr Wonderful. You know, when you do something wrong: great, Mr. Wonderful.’ It’s Action Bronson all the way. Also, he promised a very consistent record.

‘Mr Wonderful’ will be the Brooklyn rapper’s first studio album in four years. Check the latest single.

Expected: March 24

Blackalicious – ‘Emoni’


‘Emoni’ is Swahili for faith’, Gift Of Gab explains, one half of the L.A. duo. It’s Blackalicious all the way. It is promised to be their most cohesive work. The record will be their first collabo in ten years. We have faith this album will be a momentum.

Expected: March 2015

De La Soul – ‘You’re Welcome’


The generous trio already offered their catalogue for free, shared a new track and dropped a J Dilla-featured mixtape. For 2015, they promise a new record. Thanks, De La. ‘You’re welcome’. It’s De La Soul all the way. The record will be a full live instrumentation effort. Of course: it’s 2015. Yeah!

Expected: first half 2015

Cannibal Ox – ‘Blade Of The Ronin’


Vordul Mega and Vast Aire are looking for a 2015 comeback release. They promised equally classic or even better music than ‘The Cold Vein’. Not that they have to, but if so, then this should be a 2015 highlight. ‘Harlem Knights’ is their first collabo since 2001.

Expected: March 3, 2015

Q-Tip – ‘The Last Zulu’


It’s been rumoured about for a few years, but 2015 seems to be the year when Q-Tip drops his first record since 2008. Q-Tip promised he’ll exploit his David Bowie and Miles Davis influences to the fullest. Rather than the role that Kanye West will play on the record, we’re interested in which route it will take musically.

Expected: 2015

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cpf • January 8, 2015

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