4 Great Rap Video’s From 1983

In 1983 you still had to be in the park to catch a rap performance. Video clips were an exclusive phenomenon, but rap did found its way to the big screen, with the movie ‘Wild Style’, the first hip-hop motion picture, and the documentary ‘Style Warz’. Lesser known is ‘Breakin N Entering’, a docu on West Coast hip-hop.


Grandmaster Caz – ‘South Bronx Subway Rap’

‘Wild Style’ theme song.


Whodini – ‘Rap Machine’


Whodini, rap wizzards, way before their time…


Man Parrish – ‘Hip Hop Be Bop’

Because rap was electro and electro was rap.


Fearless Four – ‘Problems Of The World Today’

Together with Kurtis Blow, they released this single, one year after their first hit ‘Rockin It’, based on Kraftwerk’s ‘The Man-Machine’. The group would eventually end up on labels Elektra and Tuff City. Devastating Tito waddup!

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cpf • February 14, 2014

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