30 Unforgettable Female Rap Albums With Attitude – Part Three

Mea culpa Kim, Foxy and Missy. Sorry Lyte, Latifah and Roxanne. In this list we pay homage to the female rappers with attitude that didn’t get a clear spot in our culture’s canon.

Here are the first ten albums
Here is part two

And here’s part three:

Ice Cream Tee – ‘Can’t Hold Back’ – UNI Records – 1989

Ice Cream Tee is balls. Philly’s Bettina Clark first adressed DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s macho single ‘Girls Ain’t Nuthin But Trouble’ with ‘Boys Ain’t Nuthin But Trouble’. A few years later, she was picked up by Jazzy Jay to record her debut album on his label. Vintage Jazzy Jay production with clean drum programming and funky samples.

Oaktown’s 357 – ‘Wild & Loose’ – Bust It – 1989

On a dance tip, there was L’ Trimm and JJ Fad. But generally people forgot to mention these two girls. Maybe because they were down with MC Hammer? Hammer also produced the album. After the succes of MC Hammer, the duo’s star also tainted.

HWA – ‘Livin’ in a Hoe House’ – Drive By Records – 1990

Ruthless Records was no all-men’s business. Besides Tairrie B, this trio would go and make waves on Eazy E’s imprint. It was this album that got them their record deal. Surprisingly, the record is one big ‘diss’ to Eazy E with lines like ‘that little ass midget licks a hell of a clit / My panties hit the ground, his head went down / Slid his tongue up my pussy and he couldn’t hear a sound’. The Hoes reunited in 2012.

MC Trouble – ‘Gotta Get A Grip’ –  Motown Records – 1990

At only 22 years old, MC Trouble died from a heart attack after a life-long suffrance with epilepsy. Her name is mentioned more than her music. A pity. She was the first female rapper on Motown Records. And she had skills. Whether it be the poppy ‘Make You Mine’ or the rougher ‘Gotta Get A Grip’, she showed attitude.

L.A. Star – ‘Poetess’ – Profile Records – 1990

‘Neneh Cherry with credentials, MC Lyte with hips’, Spin Magazine stated at the time of the album’s release. Heavily influenced by NWA, Lisa Ali Star put L.A. in her name, although she was raised in Brooklyn. She had ‘No Pussy Test’ shaven in her hair!

Dimples D – Dimples & Spice – Strictly Dance – 1991

Dimples D’s rap career goes way back. In 1983 already, she dropped the single ‘Sucker DJ’s’ with Marley Marl. The song -re-worked- became a hit in 1990. Despite a few forgettable house tracks, her distinctive voice and flow are timeless. Not in the least the quote  ‘He cut the music with so much class’.

Pre.C.I.S.E. MC – PreC.I.SE.-ly Done – Luke Records- 1991

Although this album released on Luke Campbell’s label, there’s no bass music to be heard on this record. Just like many others who came to the South, she was raised in NY. The music sounds like that. Easy paced tracks with drums and samples, and rather discrete basslines. ‘So You Think You Got Em Locked’ is an answer track to Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud’s ‘Girls I Got Em Locked’. It features Superlover Cee.

The Conscious Daughters – Ear To The Street – Scarface Records – 1993

From Oakland, Cali, The Conscious Daughters aka Carla Green and Karryl Smith saw their debut produced by political rapper Paris. The album is a real time piece as it encompasses jeep music and g-funk. Wessside.

Bo$$ – Born Gangstaz – Def Jam – 1993

Even more gangsta is Bo$$. Discovered by DJ Quick, it was Russel Simmons who gave her a record deal on Def Jam West. With a I-don’t-give-a-fuck-attitude she graced beats by Erick Sermon, Def Jef, AMG, and MC Serch a.o.

Nefertiti – L.I.F.E.: Living in Fear of Extinction – Mercury – 1994

‘Not from the sewer, but straight from the gutter’. Actually she came from L.A. DJ Pooh produced most of the record. Hence you wouldn’t call it gangsta rap. 
Read our review of the album. 

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