30 Unforgettable Female Rap Albums With Attitude – Part One

Mea culpa Kim, Foxy and Missy. Sorry Lyte, Latifah and Roxanne. In this list we pay homage to the female rappers with attitude that didn’t get a clear spot in our culture’s canon.

Here are the first ten albums:

Two Sisters – Two Sisters – Sugarscoop – 1984

B-boys beware! Or Two Sisters will pop lock your rock. In the early eighties, Theresa and Tracey released their one and only full length, which had production by Man Parrish and a feature by M.C. Globe of The Soul Sonic Force.

Finesse & Synquis – Soul Sisters – MCA Records – 1988

Real attitude on the mic. Always dressed in nice clothes and blessed with a big mouth, both ladies stood their man as part of The Uptown Crew with Groove B Chill and Heavy D & The Boyz, etc. In 1997, Finesse formed the Wu affiliated all female crew Deadly Venoms along with N-Tyce and Champ MC.

Sweet Tee – It’s Tee Time – Profile Records – 1989

The Queen of Queens aka Toi Jackson –not related- first came to the scene in 1986 with ‘It’s My Beat’, a duet with Jazzy Joyce. Two years later, her debut and final LP dropped on Profile. In 1995, Sweet Tee returned with the single ‘What’s Up Star?’ as Suga.

The Mistress & Madame E – Leather & Lace – Techno Kut Records – 1989

Co-produced by Arabian Prince, ‘Leather & Lace’ has more to offer than the shifty rap interpretation of ‘Wild Thang’, the record’s single. These West Coast ladies lace it with attitude, this album is tougher than leather.

Antoinette – Who’s The Boss – Next Plateau – 1989

Antoinette Patterson first appeared on Luv Bug’s ‘Hurby’s Machine’ in 1987 with tons of ego over a hard-hitting kick and a snare. Two years later her first solo dropped on Next Plateau with even more attitude. Ultramagnetic MC’s did production on this record. Her second and last LP followed in 1990.

Big Lady K – Bigger Than Life – Priority Records – 1990

Straight from California, Big Lady K was the first female rapper to get signed on Priority Records. Her debut single ‘Don’t Get Me Started’ is monumental. She was also the reason why Lighter Shade Of Brown formed.

Tairrie B – Power Of A Woman – Ruthless Records- 1990

‘Not black, not brown, as a matter of fact I’m white’. Although Theresa Beth started her career in the synth pop band Bardeux, Tairrie B’s first album was straight gangsta rap. Issued on Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records (Compton Records), the record got a follow-up two years later, ‘Single White Female’, which didn’t release at the time. She now has a metal band called My Ruin.

Shazzy – Attitude: A Hip-Hop Rapsody – Elektra – 1990

In October 1990, The New York Times stated ‘The most ambitious and substantial new female rap album is Shazzy’s ‘Attitude: A Hip-Hop Rapsody”. Sherry Raquel Marsh from Queens delivered an exciting album with bits of politics, social remarks and dashes of funk. She introduced Rockwilder to Redman.

MC Choice – The Big Payback – Rap-A-Lot Records – 1990

‘I got a pussy the size of Bolivia.’, she stated in 1989 on Willie Dee’s ‘Controversy’. What followed was her first release on Rap-A-Lot, filled with hardcore sex lyrics. On the record she poked fun with NWA and their masculinity. ‘Ice Cube, I had you meltin in my pussy’. Hard!

Harmony – Let There Be Harmony – Virgin Records – 1990

On a conscious rap tip, Harmony did the job. The album title says it all: she discusses peace, religion and Afrocentrism. Being the sister of Ms Melodie, she was down with BDP. Melodie’s husband, KRS-One, took care of the production.

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cpf • November 15, 2014

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