3 Most Anticipated Records Of 2014

Pharoahe Monch – ‘PTSD’


The fact that people been talking about this album for over a year now, proves it’s much anticipated. The hunger after Pharoahe’s previous record ‘W.A.R.’ obviously wasn’t stilled. Not among fans, not with Pharoahe. It shouldn’t. ‘PTSD’ continues where ‘W.A.R.’ ended: a tale about the trials and tribulations of an independent artist who is at war with the industry and the struggle of the black man in America.

Release date: April 15th

Listen to Bad MF


Common & No ID – ‘Nobody Smiling’


The fact that the new single ‘War’ created such an internet buzz, proves that the upcoming collabo between Chi favourites is hot news. It should. Because their chemistry goes back more than 20 years in time and determined Chicago hip-hop ever since. The C O Double M O to the N and ‘The Godfather of Chicago Hip-hop’ now continue their legacy with a soulful revolution over abrasive breaks with a innovative twist.

Release date: tbd

Listen to ‘War’


The Roots – ‘& Then You Shoot Your Cousin’


The fact that this album has been rumoured about since 2012, proves that, well firstly that Questlove was too soon with his tweet, and secondly that every hip-hop fan is waiting for The Roots’ seventh studio album. Obviously, because during 2013 the Philly quintet did remarkable stuff. They were the shining stars of Jimmy Kemmel’s talk show. And they released a magnificent crossover collabo with Elvis Costello: proof that the group still evolves.

Release date: tbd

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cpf • January 31, 2014

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